Friday, December 4, 2009

A little bird told me...

Late last night I treated myself to just the cutest little ornament by Ellen Crimi-Trent. She posted them on her blog earlier that day and said they were the last ones she was going to make, she even included the template to make your own. But I don't much interest in that, at least right now, so I bought her Silly Red Bird. I can't wait to get it.

I seem to get like this around Christmas. A time when I should be buying up gifts for everybody else I find all kinds of goodies for myself! Oh well a splurge every once in a while is good for my soul. At least that's what I plan to tell the hubs when he sees it.

I made a couple more ACEO's today. The Blue Santa is still in progress. I wanted to get some better photos before I put them on Etsy, but I may just get them on there and then change them later since it is so close to Christmas. They are all a whim anyway. These are my first attempts at the little cards, so I hope they are well received. I just love working with glitter and metallic ink. I'm like that crazy bird that hordes all the shiny stuff in their nest.

Notice the new 2 pictures I have on my blog? (the shark and the caution sign). I got them from a new blog I'm following, Shark Bite, and just hee-hawwed when I saw them and had to swipe them. Matter of fact, she is who I'm featuring today on my...

"This Artists Observations of the Day"

Feeling of the day: cold!

I'm grateful for: spurts of creativity

I thought about today: subscribing to an art mag, got any suggestions?

I miss: the feeling of holidays as a child

Best thing I did today: let my kid have his toys back

Today I lingered at: Shark Bait

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  1. Love the Christmasy stuff! Especially Blue Santa! Such a sweet face. I think Santa is hard to draw. The face has to be just right! ACEO's are fun because they are small and quick and you can experiment with all kinds of material. I did really well on Ebay with ACEO cards, but got tired of them (after about twenty thousand!!!!) and decided to try Etsy. I like the non-auction type of market, but may go back to Ebay on occasion. I haven't had as much success on Etsy with ACEO's, but art is a hard sell on Etsy for most. Will answer your e-mail tomorrow when I'm not falling asleep! Have a good weekend.


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