Monday, June 21, 2010

Video bit of Blues Festival & Catching up

Can you all believe how fast time goes by? I was filling out Asher's baby book this morning and realized I hadn't posted in a while. We took Asher to his first movie theater show. It was Toy Story 3 and in 3D no less! He did great with the 3D glasses. When I ran in to check the show times, I didn't notice that it was 3D but we paid the extra money anyway to see it since he was so excited. He did really well in the show, I have to say I was surprised. The movie was really cute and kept me entertained the whole time, too.

He had another first a couple weeks ago that I don't remember sharing and that was I taught him to use scissors! I have diligently kept all scissors away from him up to this point for fear really that he would cut off his super cute hair and of course I didn't want him to hurt himself ;) For about 3 days all he wanted to do was cut stuff up and then it magically disappeared. He's probably just forgot about them, but for a short while I was thinking I had an artsy kid again! Lately he just wants to do boy things like dig and cars and trucks. Oh well, it will come and go I guess.

I took him to the W.C. Handy Blues Festival last Wednesday evening which was so much fun. We played in the water area where the water shoots up from the holes and then we walked over to the park where the bands where and laid our blanket out to enjoy the music and people watch. I was a smart mommy and brought his diggers and dump truck so he happily played and dug all around this tree while I got to relax and enjoy myself. I absolutely love to go to things like this and now that Mom is gone, I don't have anyone really that can or wants to go. This was right next to the Ohio River and so nice with the train bridge going across and a cooling breeze coming off the river. Hopefully I can keep my little buddy interested in the blues.

I haven't been creating much lately, taking a bit of a hiatus. I have been reading some art books while Asher plays in his little pool to cool off. It has been crazy hot here for a while and a while to come, too. I need a laptop to catch up on all of my blogs while I sit outside, that would be great!

short video clip 1

shorter video clip 2


  1. oh that blues festival sounds wonderful!!! I would love to attend one....looks like you've been having a lot of fun!!! oh and first cute is that!!!

    Have a wonderful week!!!!

  2. Sounds like you're having a really fun Summer!
    I've heard great things about Toy Story 3, I can't wait to see it. :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying life right now. I am so happy!

  4. So good to hear from you! I love summer music festivals - they are always so much fun. Congrats on all of Asher's firsts. :) Theresa

  5. The blues festival sounds like a great time!! So glad you're enjoying the summertime... doing these things with Asher, treasuring his "firsts" is soooo important! Thanks for sharing too!


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