Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Yesterday I discovered on accident a great.. well I don't know what to call it... maybe a "challenge"? It is a rather large party of sorts to show off your creative space called "Where bloggers create" (450 participants!). I found the originator Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage and have been spending a lot of time browsing all these incredible blogs and really incredible creative spaces from her list of party goers. It was even featured in a magazine called "Where Women Create", which I haven't ever seen but will now look for! They are even in the act this year too, giving prizes to lucky winners and also to one special creative woman a feature in their magazine. I would be horrified if anyone wanted to come and take pictures of my creative mess and put them in a fancy magazine, but some of these gals have got it going on! Most of them actually, and that's why I'm pouring through every single one looking for ideas on trying to be more organized and neat. Being pretty and fun to look at is a bonus! I'm almost into the "b's". Lucky for me it will be up all year long.

I'm planning on moving my art studio from its current room to another room (catch all) down the hall of our small upstairs. It's an awkward and dark room that is full of real wood that is long and has a tiny deck outside the glass door that is the front of the house. But, it is about twice the size of my current studio. I don't want to paint the wood, but wish it were lighter. The glass door faces east and is the only source of natural light. I may paint the rather dull blue gray walls to brighten it, just not sure what color yet and the carpet is hopelessly dark blue. Summer is always a bad time for me to start projects because I love to be outside so much, so I will have to make myself do a little at a time. I have so much stuff though and no where to put it, I'm not sure how to start. I didn't join in of course, but just for funzies.. I'm going to embarrass myself in front of you all and show you my lack of organizational skills...  hide your children hahahaha

By the way, I am definitely open to suggestions and ideas and if you want to come here and help me with it, I'll cook for you and rub your feet! :)

My Current Messy Studio

Soon to be Messy Studio

View from the door with window.

You can't see it but there is actually a twin bed to the left under a bunch of stuff. I think I inherited my mom's hoarding gene. Oh boy.


  1. OOOh Jaime... I wish I could come help you. I love to organize and transform spaces!! It looks like a lot of work, but it looks like a great challenge too! I'd definitely leave the wood as is... you can hang your finished work on it and that can create some "light" or you could put not-too-deep shelving against it to hold your stuff in bins or whatnots!

    Anyhow, good luck with your new project!!

  2. I see what you mean about the new room being dark. You could definitely lighten the walls, and get rid of that dark carpet. If the room is always cool, you can get a nice plush, cream colored one to brighten things up. Maybe a nice lamp for where you work. It could end up really cozy once done. I hate organizing too, but believe me, once you take the time and put things in their place, the energy will feel much better. Good luck! it is work, but worth it!

  3. You have a lot to work with, my desk is in a corner next to the kitchen and my art supplies are on a bookshelf in the laundry room...I paint at the kitchen table =)
    I was going to suggest a bookshelf up against the dark wall, but I see Rebecca beat me to it. I also like her suggestion of hanging some artwork there, maybe a mirror would be good too to reflect some light around.
    I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. wow!! it's so nice to have 2 rooms to choose from!! i only work on a 4x4 space in my study-cum-store room! LOL!!

    i love the wood panels in the second room! that will be inspirational :) the only thing is the natural light ... hmmm... is there a way to put a window somewhere? or perhaps change the door to a clear glass door. OOOO... i would be so excited to decorated a new space!! good luck on it and show us photos :)

  5. You can always add lots of natural lighting to the new room...that's not a problem. Can't wait to see when you get it done. (I won't be at market this week...except maybe to visit a minute if I get going early enough.)

  6. It is always fun to move into a new space :)

    I definitely have outgrown mine but will have to wait 'til everyone has left home for good (and at this rate that may never happen) not that I really want to hurry that at all :)

    Looking forward to seeing the end result and don't worry about the mess, great creativity comes out of messy spaces.

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  7. I just have to tell you that I really enjoy your blog and I love to read your post! I am rather new to blogging, although, I started about a year ago it's taken me till now to figure out what to do with the dang thing...I mean...other than blog about my grandchildren. LOL Anyway, you'eve motivated me enough that I am going to checkout this link and redesign my own creative space...



  8. all you guys just make me smile! I love getting all the wonderful comments... thank you!

    Mo, (and others), thank you for your comments. I always read everyone's comments and reply back usually privately. I wanted to let you know that I cannot find your blog. I would love to check it out (and read about your grandchildren!!), but you need add it to your profile (unless you are keeping it private) by going to the "dashboard" then right beside your photo click on "edit profile". Under privacy, click "show my blogs" and under identity select "email address" for when you leave a comment the person can then email you back privately instead of having to post a comment on their own blog.

    I have noticed many bloggers do not have their email address displayed and I find that irritating because I love to write back to the person who has been kind enough to leave a comment. (Rebecca, I think you need to display your email, too). If a blogger doesn't want their email shown, get an email account just to use for your blog, they are so easy to set one up for free.

    Thank you all for such great ideas on my studio. I haven't managed to do anything yet other than fantasize about it... haha and I'm afraid I don't have the funds to add skylights or new carpet or much of anything really other than paint but I'll get it going and appreciate all these fabulous ideas! Keep them coming! I love your input.


I love it that you are wanting to comment but please know that I have moved my current blog (this is the old host). You can now find me at and leave a comment there. This very same post is on there, as I have picked up the whole kit and kaboodle and moved it. I hope to see you! Please come by and say howdy!


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