Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Hot Mess

Anyone who knows me and has read this blog knows that I am quite the unorganized mess... my new catchphrase is one that I found on a t-shirt that said "I am one hot mess" which accompanied a stack of hot pancakes with butter and syrup all over it. I should've got that shirt.

Anyway, my latest mess that I've spent at least two hours the other day looking for my sketchbook. It has simply disappeared. It is so aggravating spending so much time looking for something. I don't want to be this way, but I can't help it. I've always been this way, no matter how hard I try. I think some people can't help it. Just like it is a compulsion for some people to have everything in it's place, some people like me need everything around them. My husband makes fun of me, swishes his arms around as he says you like everything you own to be all around you... even in my car, and not in a flattering way either I might add. Sadly, he's right and it's not just on the outside either. I'm kinda a mess in my head, too.

I've just picked up the latest copy of Where Women Create and I read about and see all the neat studio's these creative women create stuff and I long to have a nice and organized space. I have the space, just not the organization skills these women seem to have. I'm sure I would accomplish a lot more if I did. But I've got some great ideas from them and am sure going to try!

Have you all read WWC? What an inspiration packed magazine this is!! I managed to get a sitting spell and was so turned on creativity wise that I am just packed with new ideas and creative messes floating around in my head! I can't wait to get them out... just as soon as I can get more organized! haha

I've got a new mantra thanks to Wendy Addison in the latest WWC... there are lots and lots of good quotes in there.

"I usually create a giant mess in the studio when I am inspired. If it is all clean and organized then it is a sign that there is not much going on!"

I haven't had a chance to visit everyone's blog lately, so if I haven't been to yours lately I apologize and plan to this week... some downtime is finally here and I can't wait to catch up with what everyone is up to. Thank you all for reading.

Happy Labor Day friends... enjoy your long weekend if you have one. Oh, and I never did find my sketchbook, I bought a new one today.   ;^/

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  1. Enjoy your new sketch book- it's always a little like Christmas morning for me when I start a new one.....oh, and as far as organization goes- I have neither the space nor the personal ability to be organized when it comes to my art. It's a constant battle for me consisting of keeping to do lists which muck up my desk even further.....:P

  2. Hey, I lose things too... but I blame it on the aging process. And I think the quote about a messy (or neat) studio is right on target! Too clean, nothing's happening! Enjoy your new sketchbook and may it bring you lots and lots of new ideas and beginnings!

    Oh, and sorry I haven't been around. My new mantra is... ONE hour on the computer and that's it. So it's left me with not much time for blog reading. I will, however, make time on occasion to follow... like I am this morning. Love ya, honey!

  3. I, too, hate when that happens. I lost a favorite sweater once - it just disappeared. I never could find it and it REALLY was my favorite sweater. Have fun with your new sketchbook. :) Theresa

  4. i understand you completely, its the brain of an artsit. ive read wwc ..they must have lots of money to be able to afford all that nice the same with my messes..and i get really upset if anyone touches or moves things around....your sketchbook will show up soon..its good to have multiple anyway.. i have about 4....take care

  5. I love to page through those magazines, sometimes when I'm to tired to paint I try to organize a corner of the studio. The thing is when I clean one pile it seems to just move to another spot!


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