Thursday, September 30, 2010

Artfire or Etsy?


I've been tossing the idea around in my head to go pro on Artfire for a little while because they are running a special deal of a locked in rate of $5.95 a month and that deal expires tomorrow (click here for the deal). I usually only spend about $3 a month on Etsy (and sometimes not even that), but it sounds like Artfire may be better in the long run, I'm just not sure and even though it's only six bucks, I hate to commit. Of course on the other hand maybe the miser in me will force me to create new things more often to make use of that six bucks.

I do already have a free shop on Artfire with only one listing at the moment.  I haven't really taken the time to study how to use Artfire and it looks a little more intimidating than Etsy. What about any of you out there? Are you Artfire or Etsy? Or both? Does anyone have a words of wisdom for me?? Any and all comments about Artfire vs. Etsy are welcome!

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  1. I say try both. The deal sounds pretty good, right now I have a free account with 3 prints, which I've neglected for a long time. Not sure how many listings you get with the free membership.
    Etsy is my main shop, and although I do love it, there are so many shops now, that it is next to impossible to be seen.
    So why not just try both, and see what works for you?

  2. Hey Jaime! I know quite a few people who have opened shops on Artfire, either as an additional online shop or after closing out their Etsy shop. The new AF deal is very tempting, but I just don't have the energy to move into a new shop... all the time it takes to upload items and to get acquainted with the way things work. And I really like the new looks of Etsy (which I'm wondering if this new look was created to counteract the AF deal and the amount of traffic onto that site). Anyhow, if you take advantage of this lifetime deal, let us know... and let us know if you sell more there! Hope you are well, by the way!

  3. Hi hun- i think you just make friends and follow them. i was going to put more info on the post i did but i got lazy and forgot lol


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