Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Decor tour

Welcome to our Christmas Home Tour!
I've got lots of pictures, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

Our Christmas tree, as you may know, didn't get it's usual decadent treatment this year due to the kittens and Asher. It's a pitiful little thing but it does have some ornaments that we've made together to liven it up that I'm sure I'll treasure down the line if they make it past this year! Ha ha...

Let the embarrassment begin.
Poor crushed tree
Our tree started out looking nice and fluffed up. For about a hour. He started to put the cats in it and just flattened it and then the lights started getting pulled every which way so I gave up. That's when I came up with the home made ornament idea and thought I'd dress up other areas of the house that I'm going to show you :)
Star cut out by me and glitter by Asher.
Ornament shape
Star topper
Here's what I've got scattered around the living room, dining room and entry.
So when you enter my home the first thing you see is our staircase and my old upright grand piano all decked out with shiny tinsel.
Stairs that lead to my studio to the right

An angel that my mom gave me. I'm afraid to add her to the top of tree so I added her here

I like the white from this magnolia. I wish I had bought more last year when they were marked down so cheap.  I may do more white in the coming years because my house is so dark.

As you turn left, you enter the living room and see the fireplace glowing with my poinsettia garland that I added twinkle lights to.
and the stockings all hung from the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicolas soon would be there
I like this the best I think, the fireplace with this garland.
So as you walk towards the dining room, the stairs to the basement gets gussied up with a wreath.

Here's my snowmen gourds! Yes, I kept them ;^) I normally have my grandmothers very old nativity set here, but thought it best not to get it out with the kittens jumping up and playing with everything.

Snowmen gourds
And here is a print out of all these pictures I took of Asher during his first Christmas. I keep meaning to find a cute frame for it to display better, but I just have it leaned up in this area for now. He was 9 months old. Oh, how cute!

Look at that toothless grin!
So here is the same hat, same kid... only here he is 4 and three quarters! My how time flies!

With the twins...
Asher, Lightning (L) and Thunder (R)
Finally with Zoey...
So I tried to get cute and put the hat on the dog, but she just wanted to chew on it and now it stinks like dog. Thank goodness for Febreeze.

That's about it. Notice there are no presents under the tree because Santa hasn't come yet. At the rate Asher is going he may find out what a lump of coal is this year. Sorry this turned out to be longer than I intended but I felt you all needed the details of the tour... hee hee

Merry Christmas to you all my friends!
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  1. Jaime, that is sooo cute :) I love your mantle. :)

    I really do miss little people in my house. Now they are 19, 21 and 26 and the food bill quadrupled last week :(

    oh how time flies by, really :)

    Oh I left you a little note on my blog about night time photography :)

    Have a lovely Christmas, T. :)

  2. Hi Jaime...what a fun festive and beautiful post!Gorgeous surroundings,,dazzling home..beautiful kiddies..lovely!Thanks for this super charming post!
    Happy Holidays and many sparkles in the new year to you!

  3. I love your decorations especially the mantle- that poinsettia garland is gorgeous!
    You're much smarter than me, in my children's "little years" we had trees fall down (no one got hurt thank God) three different years in a row until we got smart and started tying them to a screw in the wall to keep the tree upright!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh the memories of the younger years with my kids--a bit trying--but the best. Your house is so warm and inviting!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
    P.S. Thunder and Lightning--love it!!

  5. How fun, Jaime. You will come to treasure these ornaments. And sooner than you think you'll be able to decorate your tree with all your ornaments again. Thanks for the tour and sharing the photos of your little cutie-pie. :) Theresa

  6. I LOVE your Christmas decor! Beautifully festive :) I'm not sure yet if we will have snow fall on Christmas Day but the snow we have got certainly doesn't seem to be melting so may get our white Christmas! Happy holidays :)


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