Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowmen Gourds!

White Snowgourd
Here are the cute little snowmen I told you about Sunday. Aren't they the cutest little guys?! Oh I wish I could take the credit for these. They are made from gourds! I bought these from a super nice gal, Lori Allen, of Carmi Illinois. She was at Christmas in New Harmony and I hope she did well. Her pieces were all so nice. These snowmen accommodate a battery powered tea light to light them from within and they are level on the bottom to stand up perfectly. She carves out designs on them and also has some that she wood burns on. See her website www.gourdsbylori.com for more of her designs. She also makes bowls, baskets, vases, birdhouses and more!
Snowgourd buddies
I originally bought one for me and one for a "dirty Santa" gift, but they look so cute together that I think I'm keeping them both for myself! I know, I'm a grinch for keeping all the presents. I'll find something else, this time maybe I ought to buy something I don't like... haha yeah right.

Oh, if you don't know the "Dirty Santa" gift exchange, here's how we do it: Each person buys a gift appropriate to their gender and wraps it up pretty and it goes under the tree without a tag other than it's for a male or female. We take turns opening up the gift, boy girl, boy girl style. When the first girl opens a gift she keeps it by her until the next girl's turn. When it's the next girls turn, she can open up a gift, or she can go "steal" the already open gift from the other girl, then that girl gets to pick another unopened gift. It's a lotta laughs. Last year we had a downright feud going for a red leather purse!

Kitty Update! The little beasts are still inside... I've had to bite my lip a few times. I'm still having some poop issues here and there and I found my mop bucket full of pee the other day. I'm still giving them a chance, who wouldn't? Look how cute they are. And it's sooooooo cold outside. I'm such a sucker.
Asher and Thunder, both happy
Ready to roll

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  1. Love the gourds! What a clever idea!

    LOL @ the kitty pee in the mop bucket...sorry but that made me laugh for some reason *sheepish look*


  2. Those snowman gourds are really cool. I love how simply she created them. :) Those kitties are too adorable. Apparently, they don't care for their litter box? How did they manage to pee in the bucket??? Have a good night! Theresa

  3. Oh wow Jaime I love those gourds! What a cute idea. I would give them up either. Those kittys are so cute! I don't know if that Dirty Santa gift exchange would work to well in our household. We would be tackling each other. Hee Hee.

  4. They're really cute, those gourds :o)

    "I'm keeping them both for myself! I know, I'm a grinch for keeping all the presents."

    *lol* that sentence made me roll over, laughing!

  5. How can you resist these?! The snowmen and the kittys!


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