Wednesday, March 30, 2011

life keeps happenin'

Hair Day - She would kill me if my grandma saw this picture!

I am so behind on everything! But life keeps happening. Some of you may know that I set my grandma's hair every Thursday and that she lives in assisted living. Grandma who will be 95 in July has always been a live wire. But sadly, now she has moderate Alzheimer's and it seems to be rapidly advancing. I had found out this last Thursday that according to doctor's orders she must now live in a more secure facility. One that has locks at the doors and people to make sure she doesn't escape, I guess. I know, I know... so she won't get hurt. But she is not happy at all about it and neither am I. Grandma has apparently been found wandering around at night. I've talked to the girl that takes her blood sugar and doles out the meds and she told me that there are a lot of old ladies that wander around. She isn't strong enough to even open the door that leads outside and hasn't ever tried to leave. I'm just upset that they are pulling her out of her comfy little nest that she feels safe in. Not to mention they made her leave her home of 40+ years and move there about 2 years ago.

She not only must leave her assisted living apartment that allows her to have her fridge full of her beloved Diet Rite and sneak chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies more often than she should, but she has to leave the whole facility and find a new place to take her by the end of March! They don't take Medicare or Medicaid I can't remember which and she doesn't have enough money to pay the $165 a day it takes!!!! $165 a day?! Jeeesh. Is this what we all have to look forward too? I'm damn depressed let me tell ya.

So fast forward to this past Sunday night. I found out my grandma fell and broke her pelvis in 2 places. She is in the hospital now. I am scared for her because I know that breaking a hip or something like this does not usually end well. Crazily, she now qualifies for the same facility they were kicking her out of. They will put her in rehab and I know she has a hard road ahead of her and I really worry she will just give up.

I feel like all the people I love are dying around me. I know how incredibly blessed she (and me) have been for her to live this long. But I still want her around. She may very well pull through this and even be able to walk again, but the Alzheimer's has already stolen most of her away from us. She is a great lady and a wonderful grandmother. I am lucky to have her in my life.

Grandma at Thanksgiving 2010

Today, I took Asher to get his 5 year check up, 3 shots and all... you all knew he's been sick and the ear infection deal. Well, he cannot hear very good and today I found out he is not hearing out of one ear and not good out of the other. what now?! Fluid on the ear. He was born with fluid on his ear and they thought he was deaf. Thankfully, it left eventually on its own. So we have an appointment with the ear nose and throat doctor in April. Possibly tubes are in his future. Great.

So forgive me for not visiting lately, I'll be by soon.
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  1. Oh Jamie, I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma--whatever happens--she has you, and do you realize how lucky she is for that?? I hope all goes well with your little guy too, and make sure to take time for yourself as well--your family will appreciate it.

  2. Boy, when it rains, it pours! I'm so sorry about your Grandma and Asher's ears too. Your famly is so lucky to have you, you're an amazing lady! I hope things will look up soon.
    BIG hugs,

  3. I'm with Diane and Stephanie, your family is lucky to have you. Your all in my prayers.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Grandma Jaime and your cat as well. Sometimes life is a little hard but somehow we get through it. I wish you and yours the best.

  5. Jaime, we're going through kinda the same thing with my husband's mom. She's got dementia and severe osteoporosis, but she's still stubborn as always. She's in one of those facilities that has coded locks on the doors. I have a little idea of what you're going through with her.

    And poor little Asher! I hope he's feelin' better soon!

    Hugs and prayers,

  6. Jaime, big hugs to you!!! So sorry to hear about your grandma - my grandma had Alzheimer's and it's not easy. She is lucky to have you to love and help her. I am sure the tubes will help Asher. My little nephew is having issues with that now, too. Very common. Best to fix the situation now when he is young. I nearly lost my hearing when I was about 11 due to ear infections. Thankfully, they were able to help me. I'm sure the doctors will be able to help. xoxo Theresa

  7. Jaime, so sorry about your grandma. Is this your mom's mom? I don't think I have ever heard you say. You sound very busy with all of this. I'm still interested in your tomato I guess I need to find my way to your house sometime when they are ready, yeh?


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