Thursday, March 17, 2011

The single shoe

Just an off the wall comment here. You know something I notice is how many single shoes are on highways. Why not a pair? Just one lonely shoe tossed in with the shredded bits of tires, glass and pebbles. Look next time you travel a highway, count how many single shoes you find. What's up with that? How do you loose a shoe? and what do you do with it's mate? Late night ponderings from me.

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  1. heheheh I love those ponderings!!! Good question!! Love those little feet too soooo cute!

  2. Maybe the single shoes have some insight as to where lost dryer socks have gone and they are out looking for them. Hmmmmm strange.
    I have been very neglectful with my blogging and posting (how unusual). I hope your little cutie's birthday was a fun one!

  3. Hmmm...I think you may need some sleep, Jaime. ;-)
    Happy Weekend coming !

  4. I know...a couple years ago someone had a contest on her blog to take a picture of lone shoes you saw...crazy how many people participated. I know I've never lost a shoe and I am pretty scatter-brained.

  5. lol now I wonder too..someone always seems to say.. must have been a party! but love those little feet.. too cute..

  6. That's too funny! Have you come to a conclusion yet? :) Theresa

  7. Considering my dark side assumptions...I always imagine someone has stuffed a body in their car trunk and left a leg dangling! As they tear down the highway, a single shoe flies off into the dust! I want to know how the crazies get those tied together shoes on the electrical lines hanging across the street...just dangling there so high up!


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