Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wouldn't know it's Spring in my house

No, it's not been a fun last 5 days here in our house. Asher has been sick. Really sick. This is what my vanity looks like. Poor little guy has got a nasty virus and a double ear infection. He's been coughing his head off, puking, snotting, running a high fever and just plain miserable. So all you mother's out there know, I'm miserable too. To make matters worse, we are on Spring Break this week. I'm hoping he will recover quickly but if today is a sign of fast recovery, we are in for the long haul.

It's just beautiful outside, too. Poor little guy doesn't even want to play his video games (!). Just sit on the couch and watch Imagination Movers over and over. I've been nursemaid and am exhausted. I've washed more sheets and jammies in the last few days than I have in a month. All the while trying really really hard not to get sick myself.

Another thing he does is hold the cats if they come within grabbling distance. They're the only thing that puts a sparkle in his sick eyes. Thank God for them. They will sleep with him a lot while he's on the couch. He little ears are so clogged up that he has to wear these headphones to hear the show even though the volume is turned up. He does have little bursts of energy here and there but then they are followed by feeling very bad and usually a higher fever. Must be the meds wearing off.

I've no time to go create something so I have nothing to share right now. Our Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks is about to get underway in April. We are all very excited. I know I am, I just need to get a pencil, pen or marker in these hands!

Everyone please send well wishes to Asher! I hope to have better news soon :) OH and did you see that fabulous moon last night? Gorgeous.
Happy Spring everyone!
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  1. oh!! poor little guy! and poor mommy!! i know how it feels when the little ones are ill. i really hope the dreaded flu season will just bugger off.. i've been down with the flu and cough for about a week now as well.UGH!! no fun! even worse when i have little ones at home and trying very hard not to pass it to them!

    get well soon little man!!

  2. Aww...feel better soon Asher! And stay strong's tough! Thank God for Kitty Cats :)

  3. Oh, so sorry to hear.
    Keep strong so you don't get ill yourself.
    I know how horrible it is when when your kids get sick, but sometimes it is even worst when you are not fit to take care of them.
    A big hug to you and to your adorable boy.

  4. So sorry to hear Asher is so sick.. poor little guy.. it's awful when you're kids are sick and you feel so helpless.. Hope it's on it's way out soon and that you don't get it too..

  5. Oh I'm right here feeling the mpain with you Jaime. This is the house of pestilence at the moment - as soon as one of us shakes it another catches it. It feels like one long drudge since january and am feeling pretty old and decrepit at the mo.

    Roll on the nice weather so we can open up the doors and windows and just give the house a good airing. Blech.

    Hope your little one feels better soon.

  6. I am sending you a ton of good wishes for a healthy week ahead. Poor little Asher and you too Mom! Love those little kitties and how they make him feel better. Hugs to you both!

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  8. Happier days are ahead....hang in there! Hope Asher is feeling better and you are staying well! My cats "play doctor" and camp on my bed when I'm sick. Thinking of you guys and "this too shall pass"!!

  9. Get well soon Asher!
    Repeat after me Jaime, "I will not get sick, I will not get sick!"
    Hope all is well soon, and that you guys have a great spring break.

  10. Oh--poor little guy. I remember these times, and it's one thing that I don't miss. Hope you stay well, and I hope he gets better soon!!

  11. Hi Jaime, your poor little man :0( hope he's feeling better very soon. My boys had a bug last week it's awful not being able to make them better!

    I've just posted up the cover to my Sisterhood sketch book. I hope I'm on the right track with this. I just wanted to clarify as I'm having trouble keeping up with everything on yahoo are we all starting with the month of April? And numbering the pages as you suggested at the beginning still? I'm looking forward to getting the ball rolling with this. :0)

  12. Oh Spring sickness is the worst (or ANY sickness while you're in the midst of it:)) I'm so sorry he's so sick and as a Mom,I'm sorry for you too! I remember one time.....well I won't go into details except to say that it involved an all night marathon of the Blue's Clues movie interupted by sprints to the bathroom and ending with me having a REALLY smelly nightgown and hair! Anyway. been there, done that, and the worst part is there's so little to do to make your child feel better except wait and pray for it to pass.
    BIG hugs to you, and Asher too ;) and let the sketching begin SOON!

  13. Hope the healing comes quickly ! Maybe some fresh spring air will do him good soon too. Hang in there, Momma !
    Looking forward to getting some sistah art going !!!!
    Happy Wednesday !

  14. So sorry Asher is still ill. Hopefully, he will be better soon so mommy can get some free time to create. Take care!!! Theresa


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