Saturday, April 23, 2011

Old Man Sun - where are you?

Old Man Sun

We are having torrential rains right now and the sun is playing peek a boo. At least a little earlier he was. Weather channel said we could get 6-9 inches of rain by Sunday! I have no idea where it's going, because we have had too much already. I wish it would save a little for July and August when we'll really need it!

I was cleaning out a closet in my studio and found a large drawing pad that I had forgotten had some pieces in it. some are finished but there are one or two that I may actually go in and tweak and finish. Do you do that? Work on art you had created a long time ago. I come back to it with fresh eyes for sure, but also a bit of appreciation for who I was when I created it and sometimes I surprise myself with "hey, that ain't too bad".

So it the case with Old Man Sun. (His colors here in this photo are washed out more than the original.) I'm not sure why I never took him out of the pad, I may have not been happy with him. But looking at him now, I appreciate him and feel he is indeed finished and worthy of framing. I am finding I'm wanting my work around me for me to see. I have never done that. It's always stayed filed away somewhere or given away as I purchased others work that I felt was "fit" to display in my home. It is part of me and even though it's not perfect by any means... it is something I've touched and created. It came from my creative brain. I somehow forgot that I am a creative being after having a child, even before while I had my 8-5 "creative" job. Busy with life.

Being in the last half of my life changes things. I'm thinking this way because I have a birthday coming up, next week on the 28th to be exact. It's taken me this long to accept who I am. Imperfections and all. There are days that I still question that statement. As I saw a quote on Gloria's blog which resonated with me, "A great artist I'm not, but an artist I am". I just love that. I'm more excepting of that now. That is her own quote.

Has everyone been checking out Paint Party Friday? I've got a little pepper series going. I am loving this PPF, it keeps me accountable! I am creating more and thinking more creative than I have in a long long time. You should check it out, even if you don't consider yourself an artist, you would be amazed at how art is healing to your soul.

In other news, I'll keep this short I know I've gone on and on here. My son is having surgery again. This time to have tubes put in his ears and his tonsils and adenoids taken out. I'm not looking forward to the surgery which is May 2nd, but look forward to him being well. He has sleep apnea and I haven't slept for a whole night for who knows how long. The doctor says I'll have a different kid after this is all over. He is wild and apparently sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation has lots of very bad affects on the human body, especially a little body that is trying to grow! Say a prayer for him, please.

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  1. It is fun and also enlightening to go back and review pieces of our creativity. As time passes we obtain a different perspective on things. Your painting of Old Mr. Sol is fabulous.

    I hope your son's surgery goes quickly with no complications and pray that his recovery will be a rapid one. I'm sure he will indeed be a different boy once he is better and can enjoy a full night of blissful sleep.

  2. Your art got a song stuck in my head. The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow... it's embedded now & I am singing like Annie. hahaha
    Prayers for your son. Poor guy. I hope the Easter Bunny is really good to him and to you too :)
    Happy Easter!

  3. Your painting is wonderful and you were right for bringing him out into the world. I like to keep my old art around--just to see how I've evolved.
    Wishing a very fast recovery for your son!!!

  4. The rain today left me feeling blue! It rained and rained and rained! I love your sun painting - perfect inspiration for days like this. Hope the sun pops out tomorrow - for all of us!!! :) Theresa

  5. "Artsyfartsyme" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  6. Great sun! All the art you've been posting is inspiring, keep it up!
    Asher will be in my prayers.
    Happy Easter!

  7. I LOVE!!!! this Sun, Jaime!!!
    I am happy you will be hanging it, He deserves to be seen for sure! I am also excited about your Chili series...the would be so fun hung in a row in a kitchen.
    Happy Easter, Sweetie.
    I am saying an extra little prayer for Asher.

  8. I love going back to look at my old sketchbooks- they were not meant to be journals, but now, that's what they read like because I remember where I was at each of the times in my life.....and I LOVE your old man sun- he is wonderful!
    I didn't know your b-day was the 28th- mine is the 30th!!!! Happy B-Day a couple days early!
    Also, I am so happy that you've decided to surround yourself with your art- it took me a long time to do that too, but now I love spending time with my little babies- makes me feel accomplished :)
    Asher will be in my thoughts and prayers...

  9. Jaime, I LOVE your "old Man Sun" Yep, it is always wonderful to find work one did years ago and see it with new eyes.

    Hope all goes well with the surgery. I'm sure you will have a new boy on your hands, esp. when you both get some good sleep, :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter, regards, T. :)

  10. Old Man Sun is perfect just as he is and I'm glad you're seeing that and embracing having your art around you to help nurture your soul.

    Good thoughts coming your way for the surgery....

  11. I love your Sun.. he's perfect.. so glad you're dusting him off and hanging him up..
    thoughts and prayers for Asher's surgery... I'm sure you'll notice a big difference once he gets some sleep...

  12. Love your painting of mr. sun! :-)


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