Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costume 2011

This past weekend was my friend's Halloween Costume Party, something I am always excited to attend. Everyone is required to dress up which so up my alley. This time I chose to be a Sugar Skull in honor of the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos. I made my head piece and skirt, and I used a blouse that I already had. It was a lot of fun getting ready and this is my first attempt at painting a Sugar Skull.

So here is my shameless gallery of pictures of myself. I love to take pictures of myself all done up when you can't tell who I am. I'll post my "how I did it" pictures soon. Unfortunately, my lighting is really bad and you can't see my costume very well.  Oh and nothing reminds you faster that you have a face the size of the moon like white paint...  oh well.

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  1. Very cool costume!
    Oh, and the blog looks fabulous, love the new banner!

  2. Wow ! You did an amazing job, Jaime ! You look wonderful ! While the colors are awesome, I really love the sepia photo - it could have been out of another time !
    Very cool ! Happy Ghouling !

  3. Excellent Jaime. Great job doing the mask and for a first time, really good. Nice.

  4. Wow!!!!! A lot has changed here! Your new blog look is coming along nicely! :) And you did a fabulous job on your sugar skull face painting. It's perfect! Glad you have fun at the party!!!

  5. *THUD* Ohhhhhhhhhh Jamie....this is amazing!

    Haunt On Girlie!

    p.s. Your blog is looking fabulous!


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