Monday, October 17, 2011

My first Face Painting gig!

I haven't mentioned anything about it, but I just had my very first Face Painting booth at a craft fair this past Saturday. I didn't know what to expect and I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to make the kids happy but boy was I wrong.

First of all, I had the best time painting all the cute faces and was amazed at how long a kid will stand in line to get their face painted! Secondly, they were all very happy with their faces and I impressed myself at how at ease I was while doing it and felt like I did a great job considering I've had no training or experience with this at all.

All I had done was watch a couple of you tube video's and looked at a bunch of pictures. I had bought some face paint and practiced a couple things on my arm. I painted a tractor on Asher and war paint and that was about it. I had an idea for a Face Painting sign to hang from my tent and it turned out great I thought. I printed out the faces that I felt I could do that I got from the internet and put them in a binder to refer to and voila! I was in business!

Once I had the first couple kids come and go, the line got long real quick and didn't let up the whole time. I didn't even take a break to eat or use the bathroom! I was numb by the time it was time to pack up. Non-stop for 7 and a half hours. I hurt so bad and learned so much and gained a ton of confidence. Even a local newspaper took my picture of me painting and took my card, so I might be in the paper.. haha.

Funny how sometimes things just fall in your lap. Face painting was one of them. I had no intention of ever doing it, but felt very comfortable and was pleased to make some money at a show. I am thinking of doing birthday parties and such.

This sure puts you on the spot to come up with something quick and talk about keeping me loose and fresh! I think this could be a great way for me to be spontaneous and creative. It was great for my ego, as the kids were so happy to have it done and even the parents seemed to be impressed even though it was my first time.

I wish I had taken more photos, but here are some of the faces that I did that I actually remembered to ask to photograph. Everyone was so nice, it was just great. Kinda made up for getting my van hit in the Walmart parking lot on Friday... well maybe. hahahWhat have you done to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

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  1. These are awesome!
    I've seen a lot of face painting booths in my day, but nothing as detailed as these. I think you should keep going--these are great!

  2. I love the photos of the happy kids. You did a fantastic job! I have done facepainting for charity many, many times and I am always impressed at how the kids are so patient and nothing on this earth beats the happy looks on their faces when they see their faces in the hand mirror!! :-)

  3. Wow! Awesome facepainting ~ very creative ~ hugs and namaste, CArol (Share the Creative Journey)

  4. You did fanTAStic! I love the octopus- he's awesome, and grats on snagging some future jobs with this!

  5. Great job Jaime! Hmmm, this could me a part-time job in the making.;)) You did fantastic and the children look happy with the results. Nice going.

  6. They look fantastic! You absolutely have a knack for it, they are all unique and imaginative. How about doing kids parties too?

  7. The face painting looks fantastic... your flair and talent shows through even on little faces... sounds exhausting though xx

  8. What a great job you did. They look wonderful. It must have been so satisfying to see all those happy smiling faces.

  9. WOW, what a fantastic idea!!! You did an amazing job and the kids look so happy. And I adore your sign--it's brilliant!



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