Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ahoy me matey

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had a rather dull one this year. We had plans to eat with Daryl's family but I had been sick and they were 7 and a half hours away, so that fizzled. I had no intention of cooking, so we had to hit the town to see what was open, and not a 2 hour wait. After checking three other restaurants we ended up at Denny's. Woo Hoo. Actually, it was really good but not terribly traditional. I got the turkey dinner, Daryl got a cheeseburger and Asher got chocolate chip pancakes. But we were all happy and we were together so that's all that matters.

On the artfront... I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin' contest! I've got a show this weekend and I'm trying to get some new stuff ready for it and it is coming together rather slow. I've got new ideas but they are not quite coming together, yet.

I've drawn the pirate ship along with other pirate stuff for some boxes I'm making for boy treasure boxes. Or girl, I guess. I mean, I like pirates. Surely some girls do too.. haha

So here it is all painted in. I made the mistake of not using watercolor paper. I used 300 series Strathmore Sketch paper which says it's for watercolor pencils wet or dry, but I got a little ambitious with the water and then added real watercolors on top of it. I tried to iron it with my regular iron which helped a tiny bit, but it still looks pretty warpy. I've seen tricks where they spray the whole sheet of paper on the back with water to straighten it out, but I'm afraid to do that since it's not watercolor paper. Any suggestions?

I'll be 'round to visit all ye skally wags soon.

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  1. That's pretty good matey:) I loved pirates when I was little.....totally read everything I could find. I think it was the treasure that got my interest.

  2. Hi Jaime. I am so sorry you were ill on Thanksgiving. But you are right - it doesn't matter what you ate or what you did - but rather spending time with those you truly love. Besides, all your meals sounded cool. I love your pirate ship painting - sadly I am unable to assist you in trying to get rid of the warping. But I know some creative soul will. Hope you are feeling tip-top very soon!!!!

  3. I hope you are feeling all better!
    I agree with Faerie Moon Creations, it's all about spending time with those you love.
    The pirate ship is fabulous!

  4. I've never done this before on paper, so I don't really think that I can help...but IT IS awesome!
    Good luck with your show--it can get to be just a 'bit' stressful.
    I have one this weekend, and I feel more like I'm producing rather than creating.
    Let us know how it goes--hope you're feeling better.

  5. Wow, this is amazing!!! You are SO talented!!!!


  6. Sorry, I can't help either. But it's wonderful as is! I love pirate stuff too!

  7. Hi Jaime, we didn't even celebrate Thanksgiving as everyone is so far away we are waiting until Xmas when we are all tog. again. It is all about the being tog and not all the hoopla, I think :)

    I LOVE pirates, when I was a kid I so wanted to be one but then my bro. pointed out I was a girl and girls couldn't be pirates, I didn't care I was going to be one in my head anyway, I guess that was the beginning of my need to travel (He! He!:)

    Your watercolour is so amazing :) What I do usually if I use none watercolour paper or lightweight paper is reenforce the back with drafting tape diagonally and then vertically/horizontally, that helps a bit, but that stuff can stick s o be careful taking it off afterwards.

    The only way other than that is to flatten my art pieces and I have to ALL the time is using pressure. It takes a few days but I have some big cook book and art books. I just lay down plastic wrap over the artwork and pile the books on top, it always works :)

    Hope that helps :)

    Have a lovely Sunday, cheers, T. :)

  8. Hope you are feeling better. Love the ship! Colors are wonderful. I spent Thanksgiving with a friend (Jon works on holidays to give the family guys time off) at the Golden Corral. Food was really good and lots of it. I'm with Asher on those chocolate chip pancakes!

  9. So here I am coming by after Thanksgiving and after your show....how ever did you have time to post and keep working? I bow to you!
    As for flattening warped watercolor pieces....we used to lay it face up on top of a damp towel and then put a protective cover sheet over it and stack heavy books on top of it- leave over night and if it's not perfect, it will at least be better!

  10. What a gorgeous ship,and Dennies on Thanksgiving..that is a new one! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate your kind words.


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