Friday, November 4, 2011

Homemade Stamps!

Today I made my own stamps. I've wanted to do this for a while now and I have a new project in mind. But it would cost a small fortune to purchase so many plus I might not be able to find exactly what I needed. So what's a creative but not so rich artist to do? Why... make their own of course!  I was so pleased with the way they look. Totally grungy like I wanted.

Right now, I'm just using foam and a pencil and a plastic tool that is a flower pick. Check out what I've got so far. These are fun to make! You should try some of your own :)

I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday, although technically I'm not painting... but I've missed it so hey... sue me. Go check out the other players, ok?

Have a great Friday night!

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  1. It is always great fun when you try new things and I just bought some lino this week to make a few myself... hoping to get to it this weekend... maybe I will get a spurt along after seeing your work xx

  2. Very cool! I especially like the skull.

  3. What fun you've been having :)

    I had a time when I was really into making wood block prints, I realised I was pretty good at wood carving and enjoyed the process, it was calming, esp. when the kids were little ( I would work on the blocks at naptime)

    A few years after my Dad died my Mom gave me his carving tools which was kind of cool.

    Have a lovely weekend, T. ;)

  4. These are sooo cooool!!!
    I really like them all very much. But the harlequin pattern...holy cow! I know how hard that least for me. So math-y.
    These prints will show up in your art...a ood place to start would be MY sistahood journal...wink wink hint...Love you

  5. Or maybe I like the skeleton better? I dunno, Jaime, they are all making me a wee bit jealous

  6. I have to respond here even though I always email you all back or visit your blog... (I wrote this to Lisa and edited it a bit but I wanted everyone to know this)

    I have to admit I was pretty impressed with myself. That is until I went on Utube and watched too many how to's and now I think mine look... well ok, I still like them ;) but there is some really really cool shit out there!

    I think I may take the plunge and buy a set of carving knives, you know like the kind we used in shop class as kids when we did a screen print? (Do they still do that?) They also make supposedly easy rubbery stuff and I keep learning from the how to's that the original linoleum is best for fine details so I may give that a go. But for what they are... (Meat packaging from the grocery and a pencil!) and considering this was my first time and I was flying blind... they are great and fun and I love them too.

    xx Jaime

  7. How ingenious, Jaime!!! I LOVE your stamps!!! Thank you so much for your sweet message. Wishing you a happy weekend!!!

  8. YOu have peaked my interest--something to play around with this winter for me. I love the look of these when you stamp them,

  9. This looks great- I cant WAIT to see what project you're working on! It's not a sketchbook is it? Lol I'd be interested in a tut for how how did the foam but I also wanted to say that I made something like this with foam core (cardboard would work too) drew it on tracing paper and then make three stamps, one for each color- just like you, I LOVED how rustic they looked.
    Thanks for sharing this- I really would love to see a tut on this :D

  10. I think they turned out great, love the uneven, distressed texture. You make me think I should try this again, even though I still have scars on my hands from carving a lino block in school.

  11. How cool is that.. You made your own stamps. I love it.. They look great!!! Happy PPF!!

  12. Loving your homemade stamps, can see why you are so pleased. Happy PPF, x

  13. Super cool stamps! I've carved eraser stamps and other rubber stamps but never used the foam but now you've inspired me to try it.

  14. OMGosh, I've been wanting to do that too. Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings, Janet PPF

  15. I have been wanting to make my own stamps too. I love all the possibilities, right!? I think I need to make some!!

  16. Great idea.I'm going back and trying to see exactly what foam your using.I have many store bought but I sure would like an easy way to make my own.My first visit with you I enjoyed myself,thanks.Drop by any time to visit me. Denise

  17. Can you please tell me what type of foam? I can't tell through the ink.


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