Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Butterfly Housing

I've been working on painting a butterfly box for a Christmas present and I've got it finished except for the clear coats. I used acrylics and of course I had to add a little metallic paint and what perfect place to add that but the only colored butterfly on the whole box. It looks a bit like a hot mess in these photos, I took them at night. But it really does look better in natural light.

close up of metallic butterfly!
I've been sick this week and to add insult to injury, I fell down my very wicked stairs last night. I am so very sore. I couldn't even sleep on my injured side last night.

wicked stairs - see my slippers? that's where I landed.
Luckily, I landed on my very cushioned caboose and didn't break anything, bone-wise. It could have been very ugly. These stairs are wicked I tell you and there is a brick floor at the bottom. I was at the very top and took a step or two down (I had slippers on) and I felt it slide out from under me and down I went . I think I even bounced. I landed where you see the slippers, about half way down. Like I said it could've ended very badly. At least I didn't have an audience. I won't be wearing those slippers again. This is a good reason to try and talk my husband into a main floor studio!

Happy Holidays!
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  1. I didn't know there were butterfly houses, how cool!
    I'm glad you weren't hurt beyond a bump on the bum falling down those stairs...which are awesome by the way, I love the rustic wood. You need some rubber soled slippers! I had some very slippery wood stairs in our last house that I fell down more than once while padding around in my socks.
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

  2. I love your butterfly house- those colors and the detailing on the butterfly are wonderful. I know if I were a butterfly, I'd surely want to live there :D What a GREAT idea for a gift!
    As for your fall, I'm so glad you're OK, that could have been disastrous- especially at this time of year!
    BIG, BIG hugs!
    P.S. Have you been getting the posts from the Sistas listserv- both Kathy and Carmen have written updates....

  3. A butterfly house is such a perfect gift! And a hand-painted one, even more perfect! It's so colorful and pretty!
    And the wicked stairs...I am a great one for falling down our stairs...we have those real steep ones they used to put in very old, poor people's houses. I feel for you,PAINFUL! At least you fell the right way, I am glad you are ok.
    Have a happy Christmas with your family, Jaime.
    Love, Lisa

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm glad you only are sore - it could have been much worse. And I hope you get healthy very soon so you can enjoy the holiday. Your butterfly box is soooo pretty! Someone is going to be VERY lucky! xoxo

  5. Love your butterfly house, it's awesome Jaime. Oh my goodness, you fell down those stairs (points up there):) So sorry. I'm glad it wasn't worse. Ooooh poor baby!! :) Happy Holidays. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year with your family and take care. Great work.

  6. Ouch!! This happened to me a few years ago--It was my attic steps and I had the BIGGEST bruise or whatever on my butt and hip (massive). I probably should have gone to a Dr. It took months for it to go away. SO....I feel your pain...but glad nothing was broken--I've been there too--I'd rather have the big bruise.
    The box is SOOOO cool!! We would have fun if we got together..don't you think??
    P.S. My son just came home last night for Christmas and we're going to the dollar theater today to see Paranormal Act. 3--it's the last day that it's playing--a nice holiday movie--I think.
    I'll tell you what I think of it and if it gives me the creeps like the other ones.

  7. Take care of you and those bruises !
    I hope the holidays have some quiet sweet moments for you !
    Light love and peace, Jaime !

  8. I am so glad you are okay!!!! But I do have to say those "wicked" stairs look pretty cool...glad you didn't hurt yourself badly. Hope you feel better soon. I love your butterfly house and lucky is the person who is getting it!!! Have a Merry Christmas Jaime...I know our sweet Moms are looking down on us and are proud of what they see :))


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