Friday, December 16, 2011

Old Man Sun

Happy Friday! One week until Christmas Eve, can you believe it?!  Have you got all your shopping done? I'm pretty much done, a few little things here and there.

It's Paint Party Friday! Yay! So today I want to share a drawing that I've actually re-drawn and re-purposed. It was fun to do different things with this piece and I kinda had the feeling of reckless abandon since it was a print. I got the idea from my friend and artist Diane Salter of My Art Journal. If you've not visited her blog, you need to go if for nothing more than inspiration. I'm linking up with her tutorial page.

Here's my original

I drew this with Prisma Colors quite a while back and like it and plan to frame it, so I don't really want to sell it. I've had offers to buy it, but I can't let go. I'm bad about that. So I found this idea on Diane's blog and tried it with my Old Man Sun.

You scan or photograph your original. (I photographed b/c it was too big) Then print it out with some thick paper and do whatever you want on the print. Easy peasy, right? and fun! I wanted to bump up my colors on my print so I ended up drawing the entire piece over again only this time with these new (to me) crayons called Caran d'Ache Neocolor I Artist Crayons. Wow! What color and fun these are. They are water soluble so that just adds a whole new dimension to our projects. As I was getting the link for this post I just discovered they have metallic crayons too! Oh be still my heart. I'll be getting those for sure, cause I love me some metallic.

I ended up doing a few different ones including this one with my favorite metallic shimmery powders and made a treasure box that I'm happy with. I've got it in my Artfire and Etsy shop.

I also made this other one on a board and don't know what to call it, a plaque? or wall hanging? they both sound silly so I haven't listed it yet. Any suggestions?

Here it is, slightly different than the box and for a different use. I love the streaky look of the metallic. Pictures are hard to capture the shimmer, but shimmer they do!

So there you go, new uses for old art. Thanks to Diane :)  Now go visit the other Paint Party Players.


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  1. Lovely! And a great idea, too. I've printed out things before so I can play with ideas without ruining a WIP, but never used it as a finished piece. Thanks for sharing the idea!

    Happy PPF! Glad you're on track with Holiday stuff!

  2. it's a great idea! I loove all illustrations or paintings with a sun in it. Your work is so original and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh I love those crayons. They are so much fun to work with. I haven't tried the metallic but soon will. Love your piece Jamie. It's going to look wonderful framed and your boxes are just beautiful. Thx for sharing.:)

  4. They are lovely! It's fun to see all the variations on the same theme.

  5. Lovely and sooooo creative ~ ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF.

  6. What a fun painting and motif!
    Seeing your Old Man Sun was exactly what I needed today to warm me up a week before Christmas!! :)

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. Beautiful! I used to LOVE suns like this when I was younger. Brings me back!

  8. It's a wonderful piece
    and I like that you use prints
    to express in other ways.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook/HappyHorseStudio

  9. These are so great! Love them done with the metallic paints. Now you get to keep your original and sell the daylights out of them.

  10. This is so awesome. I love what you have done

  11. I LOVE this!!!!! Great job Girlie!


  12. Love your 'old man sun' theme, very original. I think 'plaque'?

  13. I just love how you altered your art, Jaime. Diane is indeed so inspirational. The sun was beautiful to begin with. It looks so cool on that box :)

  14. This Mr. Sun turned out terrrrific!
    It's a great idea...I've done it too in the past.
    And the painting that I couldn't part with?
    Just today I took it off the wall and painted over different we grow, so must our art, no?
    Happy weekend Jaime,and enjoy your Christmas with that precious boy!

  15. Thanks so much for linking me--I am crazy about what you did with your sun face--it's fun to do this--isn't it??!!

  16. Love love love it ALL! Awesome work! This sun should be a signature piece that you repeat in many versions on many things!

  17. pretty shiny suns here, Jaime !Lovely !

    Shopping and wrapping is 90% done here. This week, one last stop at the bookstore and then some baking and I should be right on time...
    Have fun with it all !

  18. Just wanted you to know that you won the "Hootie Clause" Print. Just send you info to me so I can mail it to you! Yayyyyyy!!!

    Love this piece! I also love love Caran d'arche Neocolor crayons!!! Ahhhhhh. Happy Holidays!!


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