Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring is wearing me out

I worked out in the gardens for about 5 hours today and I'm stiffening up and can hardly move! Even my fingernails hurt. I've pulled weeds and mulched. When I look at what I've accomplished, it's not near enough for 5 hours of sweat and pain! I'm trying to make my gardens easier for me and scaling down a tiny bit. Well that is a total lie because I've removed one garden but am planning another by the koi pond. Jeesh. Good thing I love it, cause it's gonna kill me.

I peeked out the window tonight to admire my handiwork only to see the damn dog laying on the cushy 3" of mulch I put out and crushing my newest Heuchera!! It's a beauty, too. Georgia Peach, got it last summer. Dark pink with burgundy veining. It's also called coral bells.

Everything is so far advanced this year. I'd say by about a month! I keep waiting for the the shoe to drop and have a snow storm. Some crazy kinda weather we've got more and more it seems. 

I've been rearranging my greenhouse too to accommodate my heirloom tomato seedlings. They have only been out in the greenhouse for two days but wow what growth they've put on! No pics of them yet.

Late winter and early spring is a great time in the greenhouse. All my geraniums and pelagoriums are blooming. Plants are flushing out fresh green all over. I just love it. When we are having a "normal" spring and the weather is cool, the greenhouse is so warm and green smelling. It's a perfect sanctuary.

So here are pictures I took Sunday of what's up in the greenhouse for the most part. I meant to take pics of my handy work from today but was too pooped to care. I'll take some and post them soon, cause I love to get ooohs and ahhhs over my labor ;)

Purple Datura - also called Angel's Trumpet. Flushing out from a winter slow down.

The forest-y corner with ferns, corn plants and 
philodendron. Fern's will go back on front porch

Lantana - butterflies love this plant


See the white in the background, that is Diamond Frost Euphorbia. Great little plant.

Taken from the outside looking in. I'm standing close to my koi pond, another story there.

Bougainvillea, just so dang pretty

The wall of flowers and some dead plants, too.

Some Salvia I kept and now it's blooming. It's called Hot Lips, love it!

Hibiscus that I've overwintered for my friend

My mom's sweet little bird statue

My friend's overwintered orange tree and geranium

My all time favorite petunia - Burgundy Madness from seed. This coloring isn't quite right, too much light

a vining geranium I've kept for quite a few years

Spike with a gorgeous little geranium that I can't remember the variety at the moment

Scented geranium, too bad there is no smell-o-vision
I hope you enjoyed my little tour :)

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  1. Jaime, what a perfect post for me to find visiting you today! Gotta stop by more often (cutting down on computer time be damned!). Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Oh, how I wish I could have a greenhouse. I have just about every window and windowsill packed with plants in my house. Lots of work ahead of me outside. I've spent a few afternoons cleaning up in the gardens but there's still so much to do! Funny about your doggie. My two new guys are going to have to learn their garden etiquette. They both like to go into the flowerbeds and poop on top of plants. I've created some funny looking barriers (sticks and string) for the veggie and herb beds and may have to resort to something like that in the other beds. You'd think that the roses with all their prickles would be enough of a deterrent. Hmmm... maybe I'll just have to plant more roses. Think my husband would buy that as an excuse?

  2. I'd love a greenhouse too...oh what a wonderful place to have. We really don't have a long growing season so it would be nice to be able to start my veggie plants earlier...sigh...maybe some day:)

  3. You have quite the green thumb there lady! Gorgeous plants!
    Some day I would love to have a greenhouse and a garden.

  4. Oh WOW, I want to come see it all in real life! Your greenhouse is amazing! And those are so many of my favorite flowers!!! I LOVE Heucheras; one of my favorites! I have to find that "Georgia Peach"- this is definitely the BEST time of year for gardeners!

  5. ooh that is beautiful.. I love it.. would so love to have a greenhouse that Heucheras.. don't think I have ever seen one before... I know I raked and cleaned flower beds the other day too.. still

  6. You definitely have a green thumb! I am just the opposite. I'm terrible with plants but I love seeing them. And yours are beautiful. I'll just come here to enjoy them!

  7. Where do you find the time! Very gorgeous greenhouse! Everything in Texas is on "jungle mode". Just bought some caladiums for the front flower bed. I love any plant with a bulb attached! Just got my computer repaired and in house again! Never thought I would miss technology so much. Take it easy and enjoy the Spring!

  8. What an awesome greenhouse you have! Spring is SO much work isn't it! I only tried a few hours a day over the weekend - aiming for 1 hr but was out for more - trying to break my gardening muscles back in slowly...

    (P.S. My pages for your book are up!)

  9. WOW!!! You have been a busy girl :)

    Your greenhouse is just an amazing cornicopia of Summer :)

    How I miss greenhouses, we grew up around them in England but because of CC & R's every neighbourhood we've lived in (In America)ya can't have one. Oh well, I guess I can't have good school Districts and a greenhouse (He! He!)

    Hope you all had a lovely Easter, cheers, T. :)

  10. Thank you for the beautiful spring tour ! Wow, you have a lot of garden babies ! I hope you enjoy the process of helping them grow.
    Cheers !

  11. Hi there, I am a garden freak myself, can totally follow you in the exhaustion of the work to be done, and just loved the pictures! Heuchera is one of my favorites, have different types of them, love how they just spread and need to be divided so I can get even more :-)))

  12. I am full of awe. I loved the sound of the wind chimes on your blog. It took me a while to figure out. I even checked my phone!

  13. Not only are you a talented artist Jaime your gardening skills are amazing too!! I love all the flowers you have growing,I am so envious!

  14. Wonderful tour, beautiful flowers and greenhouse! I just don't have a green thumb so i just admire others!


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