Thursday, May 24, 2012


Gardens!! I've never had this much to take care of before and I just keep making it bigger and adding more flowers. Someone seriously needs to intervene. I am not finding time to make any art and felt like I haven't made any for a while now. I have all the inspiration I could ever want in the way of flowers and ponds, gardens, a cute kid and animals so I need to get on with it! I'm scolding myself here if you can't tell.

Every day seems to bring more work to do, things to finish or continue with or new projects to begin. Like today... it's the 2nd day of summer vacation and the temps are going to hit 90 and stay in the upper 90's for as long as the weather report shows so it is time to get the kiddie pool going. No easy feat. Got to haul the water today from a nearby town and hopefully get the pool up and chemicalized so Asher can play and stay cool. The vegetable garden will soon be screaming for it's more than fair share of work very soon. With watering, weeding, hoeing, picking and plucking, canning, ugh. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it.

With all this, I still want to show you how the gardens are looking lately. So here are some pics of my labor of love =)

Mr. Lincoln Rose - what a stand out

my furry sidekicks Thunder the cat and Zoey the butt licker

I have to say I just adore this geranium

I'm really liking the newly added structured blocks and they are filling out

same here

The addition of these blocks has made it much easier to take care of
here's the same side before the blocks
oh if you could only smell this gorgeous rose

another new plant I couldn't resist but you should see the 2 tone petals!

I can't remember the name of this rose but it's so pretty all clustered like that

the swing with all the Lynchnis

from the pond, a beautiful water lily

The circle garden as I call it
remember the circle garden before?

We could use another pallet of those blocks, but honestly I'm sick to death of them. I'm ready to just sit back, sip some tea and relax while admiring all my hard work and watch my kid play in his pool ;)

Speaking of which, here's my little cutie on the morning of his last day of Kindergarten on Tuesday. It was a crazy morning but I wish I had remembered to comb his hair... haha

See ya soon.
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  1. Your garden is so lovely! I'd say all the work is worth it to be able to enjoy such a fabulous space.

  2. absolutely gorgeous. the gardens, your sweet boy, your furry sidekicks. all of it.

  3. I LOVE it when you take us for a stroll through your garden- so GORGEOUS! I love the roses of course, you know what a FOOL I am for roses and your garden helpers and the edging. I WANT one of those geraniums too! LOVE everything about this- and I agree, time to sit back with your tea and watch your kid play! Personally, I try to have all my garden projects end once it gets hot- after that, all I can manage is maintenance!

  4. Your ambition knows no bounds! A beautiful garden tour and love the blocks. Asher is growing up....what a sweet "little man" you have! Texas summer has arrived so outdoor activities are limited. I'm lucky if I can keep grass alive! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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