Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saying good bye

Saying good bye is never easy. I've been saying good bye to my sweet girl, Glove, now for a couple days. I honestly don't know how she has held on this long. Maybe it's my love for her that keeps her alive. It is heart breaking looking at her. Unable to do anything but lay there. All I can do is try to keep her comfortable as we wait for death. The waiting is killing me. I've whispered in her ear that it's okay to let go, to go on and wait for me when my time comes. To go and be with Whiskey her sister cat and my mom. I stroke her gently and kiss her tenderly as the tears come down. It's all I can do.

I've got her wrapped up in her favorite blanket and turn her every few hours as she is not able to even stand or roll over or even move her legs. I hope this is what she wants. I see her end of her tail just barely flick as I touch her, a sign I hope. I will put her down if I notice her starting to suffer. For now I am just waiting for nature to take it's course. It's still hard and many tears have already fallen. She's lived a great life though and I know that she's been given the princess life she deserved. We should be so lucky as to be one of my animals.

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  1. Oh sweetie,
    There are no words to say how beautiful the way you're saying goodbye is- just such a loving way to honor her.

  2. hugs Jaime. what a lucky cat to have you as her person.

  3. Healing Hugs to you Jaime. I know how difficult this is as we had to endure the loss of our beloved fur-child kitty this past November. My heart knows she is better now but I still miss her every minute. Blessings...

  4. Poor sweet kitty. And big hugs to you, Jaime. Glove is lucky to have you for a mom to care for her and tend to her in her final days. Thinking of you.. xoxo

  5. Oh Jaime, I'm so sorry--she is so fortunate to have such a loving family--sending you hugs.....

  6. The flick of Glove's tail as you stroked her lets you know she loved you beyond the end and appreciated all the love and care over the years. I too whispered a long goodbye to my Tabby and hope she is reunited with her hero, Leo. He was the love of her life and they were like an old married couple until he passed on in 2001. I hope their little souls spend eternity together and in the loving arms and protection of my parents. Treasure the memories and know Glove is without pain and in a better place.


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