Friday, June 5, 2009

going to town again!

yet another trip to town today, now I know that shouldn't be that big of deal but when you're toting around a 3 year old, let me rephrase that a very spirited 3 year old it becomes an ordeal. Yesterday I was in town and getting ready to drive home the 25 miles and decided to to torture myself at Walmart to run in and out - yeah right.  

this trip is to go into get a double mat for my latest Photomontage, a beautiful 25th Anniversary of the cutest couple from Pennsylvania. I searched all over yesterday for one without any luck. I got smart and just called around today and found a great frame shop that will cut one for me for the low low price of $8! That would be Inman's, a fairly new Frame shop that has fabulous mats. at least from what I could see through the window last night! I missed the closing time by 15 min. so if you're in Evansville, I recommend Inman's.

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