Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jalapeno Heaven

Just look at all these jalapeno' s I just picked from my garden. Not bad for my first haul, huh? Now if my bell peppers would just get a little bigger and I'll be ready to make some salsa! My zucchini plants are huge but not putting out what they should, which really isn't a problem cause what would I do with all that zucchini?

I can spend so much time looking at other people's blogs! Time I don't have... haha. But it is nice to veg in front of the computer even if it is for only 30 minutes or so every now and again. I wish I had some paintings or sketches to show, but I've been so busy with my mom and the garden and canning before my food goes bad that my art projects have taken a backseat. My latest dilemma is whether to cancel an art show I've already paid to be in for September. It's called the Kunstfest in New Harmony and it's a 2 day show. I'm so disappointed I can't make it but I won't be able to attend on the first day! and I haven't even asked if I could just be there Sunday, so I may be out anyway. With all that has been going on I don't have much to show right now either. I hate asking for my money back. But I hate to lose it too. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear from someone.


  1. I forgot to grow peppers this year. I meant to. But now all I have is tomatoes. Wanna swap?

  2. ha ha... I'd love to swap but besides you being in Detroit and I'm in Southern Indiana, I grew too many tomatoes! But they look like beauties though, don't they?! I love reading your blog... catch ya later!

  3. The Jalapenos are beautiful.

    You do have a hard choice. I can't help you with that...sorry. :)

    But my daughter lives in New Smyrna and I live about 30 minutes away. What a coincidence.:)

    Hope you love your vacation.


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