Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is this really Tuesday?

I am not getting a lot accomplished it seems. I did get a few practice sketches made today though, while I stayed with my mom. So here is a little peek of my Frankenstein. I am trying to get some good ideas down on paper for some ACEO's I'm hoping to have finished either by the time Funk in the City (an art show in Evansville, IN in a few weeks) is here or at least in time to offer on Etsy for Halloween. I think I'll end up doing what I usually do and that is just jump in head first and go for it. None of this practice nonsense that I'm attempting... ha ha


  1. Like your Frankenstein! He looks like he has "fishbowl" eyes! I get so excited about Halloween it is difficult to get anything done. I'm happier frolicking around in the cool wonderful weather. Texas summers are so brutal...autumn is a celebration! I should put a large note on my studio door in July....Halloween is coming - PREPARE! Have a great week....Janette


I love it that you are wanting to comment but please know that I have moved my current blog (this is the old host). You can now find me at www.jaimehaney.com/blog and leave a comment there. This very same post is on there, as I have picked up the whole kit and kaboodle and moved it. I hope to see you! Please come by and say howdy!


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