Saturday, June 12, 2010

Farmer's Market Today

2010 New Harmony - First Day of the Farmer's Market

This morning I drug my tired butt out of my cozy bed to get ready for the first day of my local Farmer's Market in New Harmony. It was gonna be a steamy day with the "feel like" temperature 100 degrees and boy oh boy was it ever. I had sweat rollin' down the crack of my butt by the time I had the car loaded at 7:45 am. Oyi. 

There were just four of us this first day but we all knew each other and laughed and complained about the heat together. One lady, Becky, has an orchard and sells homemade jellies and jams, one friend, Kathy, whom I wrote about the other day  - the fiber artist, and another friend, Kay, who makes beautiful handmade baskets. Our market allows handcrafted items and the town is attractive to tourists. None of us really have any homegrown goodies to sell yet, but I did offer my heirloom tomato plants and flowers as well as my artwork. We have a baker, Gloria, that comes regularly and a couple that makes honey and all things related to it but they weren't able to make it this time.

My Booth

I love the people at the market, they are so friendly and helpful and we all just get along great. It makes me feel like a part of something, which I like because I don't really belong to anything. It went by fast as our hours were 8-noon and I had to rush home to cook because my husband had to work today and he was leaving at 1. I managed to make some chicken fajitas after the 15 minute drive home and unloading the car! sing with me now *I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...*  ha ha

After cleaning the kitchen up I had enough energy to take Asher and myself off to Henderson for in the park blues music. He played in a fountain to cool off and splashed me enough to keep me wet and not as miserable. The music was great. Two of the bands were Blues 4U and Velveeta Jones. We stayed a couple of hours. I love to listen to live music outside. Next starts the W.C. Handy Blues Festival... my favorite!

I did manage to sell a framed print of a colored pencil drawing of a dragon and several tomato plants and flowers. It was fun and I will probably sporadically go again, I have some ideas for some things that may appeal to the tourists. It's always more fun to actually sell stuff ;)  Oh, and my pots I painted earlier this week, well I didn't get them finished and so they didn't get to go. Hopefully, I'll have them ready next time. I always plan too much and my time management skills suck... I'm working on that :)


  1. Looks like it was a fun time! At least you sold a few goodies, and that's a great thing. :) Thanks for sharing! Theresa

  2. We did our markets simultaneously in the heat- our heat index was 110 Sat and I can SO relate to the sweat and butt crack comment! I'm so glad you sold some stuff, and I can't wait to see how the pots do- I think they're going to be very popular!

  3. I'm so glad you sold a piece of art! Yeh for you. The concert sounds like it was fun.

  4. Butt crack sweat at 7 in the morning! Oh girl! aggggggony! Your tomato plants made my mouth water! I'd throw some of those maters in the the bacon you are frying up in that pan! umm especially good on grits w/ a little Tabasco :) ...I can bring home the bacon...fry it up in a pan... (this is the only way I sing in public! LOL)

  5. LOL @ butt crack sweat!! It's been in the 90's here lately so I am hibernating. I do NOT like heat.

    I have had pneumonia for almost three weeks so I am just now getting around to visiting everyone's Blogs!


  6. Your booth looks fabulous!! And the whole things sounds like fun! Except for that butt-soaking heat!


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