Sunday, September 26, 2010

The day after Funk in the City ARt Show

We had just a beautiful day yesterday in downtown Evansville, Indiana at Funk in the City. Traffic was great and people were having a great time. Good food down one side and fantastic art all around a beautiful rustic rock formation fountain that is in a tree lined historic neighborhood with beautiful old homes that celebrates the arts. I didn't take my camera and now I wish I had to share with you what I was seeing.

There were many different styles and creations and I was proud to be a part of it. I didn't notice a lot of people carrying around purchases, but there were some. We (GeeJayCreations) sold a few items and lots of people took business cards. Not the best show for us, but I had a great time and met some really nice and friendly people. I also offer a few of the things that I alone create (ArtsyFartsyMe), like my painted pots and I sold my poppies pot to a very nice lady who was crazy for poppies. I plan to paint another soon, since I was quite fond of that pot in my kitchen! ha ha

One person I noticed was an abstract painter, Don Clark, that I met there who was selling a lot of his paintings. What I noticed was the amount of men that carried them around. He had brilliant colors in them and most were framed but his prices were surprisingly low. His style must appeal to men because I have found that it is usually women that I see walk around with purchases. Don was a super nice guy and helped me unload my display and tent. I'm glad for him. That is just about the best thing about these shows, meeting other artists that are so interesting and nice people.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful Sunday.

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  1. Jaime,

    Thanks for the visit my blog. I had no idea Stephanie was going to do this. One thing I cannot do is paint. I use paint to make backgrounds, but my images are all from books, the internet, or others. I am in awe of your talent. It never fails, I learn the most from people who I could never make anything like they make. It's too bad you left your camera at home yesterday. As you may have guessed, I'm never without mine (grin). Happy Sunday. You and Stephanie sure made mine.

  2. That Poppy pot is beautiful- no wonder you want to do another! I get attached to my work too, and I also have some of my faves scattered around my house so I can "visit" it as long as possible :)
    The fact that you gave out so many cards is very promising- people remember what catches their eye, even if they don't buy that particular day. Those kinds of shows always make me nervous, because I never know what to expect in terms of sales. I've got one this weekend....and yep, I'm getting nervous!


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