Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Keeping busy with craft show stocking stuffers

Future magnets
I've been busy getting some last minute projects done for the craft show this Saturday. I haven't had much luck lately at the shows, so I'm trying to get together some inexpensive items for stocking stuffers in hopes of generating a little more interest. I'm kinda disgusted with the whole arts and crafts show scene as of late so I hope this one will be better and not a waste of time.

So above here I've got some of my previous designs with GeeJayCreations and I've shrunk them down and tweaked a little here and there and cut out some of the poetry and in some cases added very simple words, such as Love and Look to God. I've laminated the front and will plunk a magnet on the back and was thinking $2 each. Any thoughts on the price?

Below here is my mini pot project I've told you about. They are different than my painted pots that I've done in the past because I'm decoupaging these. I may be sand blasting them and redoing them if the beginning ones are as good as they get. As I was telling Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios, these are not turning out quite like I imagined them in my head. Usually most things don't turn out like I envisioned it, but these are kinda... *eek* I'll ask your opinion. Decoupage may not be my forte. I got the idea from my new friend Frenchy of Le Chateau des fleurs by Frenchy. She had a beautiful one and I had visions of sugar plums in my head... well you get the idea. I'm not exactly getting sugar plums.

Of course, I'm getting my fantastic graphics from Karen at the Graphics Fairy, and they don't disappoint. 

So I got this box of mini terra cotta pots from my local yahoo group, cheapcycle. If you haven't checked to see if you've got one in your area, you are missing out! These are great. I think it was inspired by freecycle.

Got em for a song
So they needed a little scrubbing and voila! I've got instant toothpick holders or Q-tips holders, candle votives.. you name it. Anyone have any other ideas of what to put in them for selling purposes?

I've painted some here, rustically and I really like the way they turned out. Not all perfect looking, but I like it that way.

Cute little Thanksgiving paper to add for a toothpick holder
It will go, like so. See the blue underpainting? I like the rustic/aged look
A horrible mistake below here. I tried painting on the small picture to add color. yuck.
The colors are not showing up very well, but it was not what I had in mind.

The next picture is one I did about midnight and I was thinking it would look cute to have a "burnished" look behind the rooster and chickens. Well, as I look at it, it's more like what was I thinking? But I kinda like the patchwork patches along the rim. Any ideas on salvaging this one?

Very country, but that is what a lot of craft goers buy around here. I kinda like it, but I like roosters and chicks.
This last one might be the best one so far. I have kinda gotten into the French look lately, especially with my curtains coming in soon (I can't wait!!!). So I think it's simple, but the black and bits of gold shining through make it rustic but elegant. Anyway, I like it.

Would look cute in a Paris themed bathroom?
One problem I've ran into is I didn't take into account the curvature of the pot. So now I have this smiley face syndrome going on and the bigger the label, the bigger the problem. It's not too bad on these small labels. Does anyone know how to remedy this? I know I could just play around with it to guess the right distortion, but if someone knows the easy and fast way to do it, I'm all ears.

I was thinking of asking $5 each for these. Any thoughts? Also, if you're a seasoned decoupager or just have some better ideas than I've done here, please tell me. I'm all for ideas but I'm running out of time for my show so I just haven't had time to research it and look for more ideas. Please, share your thoughts! :)

Also, thank you all so much for your concern for my son, Asher. I've had wonderful messages and comments from you all... my friends. They mean the world to me and bring me much comfort. I've really been missing my mom lately (like there are days I don't miss her, jeesh!). I guess I've been looking for comfort and her words to let me know everything is going to be fine and it will all work out, just like I know she would tell me. All of you have in some way have filled her shoes with your encouragement and I cherish my friendships I've made on here. Thank you all, you have no idea how touched I am that you all care.
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  1. All your little projects are so adorable. I hope you do well at the craft show. We're all here to support you - little Asher is going to come through with flying colors. :) Take care, Theresa

  2. I'm sure you will do well at the craft show with these!! I haven't tried craft shows yet .. guess I'm a little nervous of buying a booth and not getting my money back from sales.

  3. Hey you Love your little projects how fun. I did some craft fairs last year. I t was fun made great contacts and some money. Hey Also thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.

  4. I think your prices are fine- those magnets should go like crazy! And I LOVE the pots especially the Paris one (the curvature doesn't bother me:)) and the vintage turkey one- I'd make more along those lines and in thinking of other uses; could they possibly work as place holders with a skewer (or something like) to hold up the name? I'm glad you have this show to keep your mind off worrying.....
    Big Hugs,

  5. I think offering different price ranges may help at your craft show, people are indeed watching their money. I like the magnets, and they should do very well as stocking stuffers. Cute little pots too, can't help you with the 'smiley' face problem because I don't know what it is, lol! (I suspect I can guess though)
    Go to the show with the expectation that you will do well, and act as if you have the coolest booth there, trust me, people will pick up on your good energy.
    hugs for your sweet little boy :-)

  6. Your pots are adorable...keep hanging in there with your shows and have fun. I have really been missing my mom too. I think the holidays really make it tough...i even cried when Oprah had Barbara Streisand on because my mom would have loved it!!! Hugs and blessings to you, I am praying your show is a big success :)

  7. Love the "Paris" pot especially. Such a fun idea and the prices are good. Different prices always help sell. I miss my mother when I have a big decision to make or am not feeling well. You will probably hear her voice "advising" you because she has no doubt given you a good foundation for life. Good luck with the show!

  8. Hi Sweets!

    I think the prices are perfect. I am loving those pots!

    Catching up on Blog visits since I have been gone!



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