Saturday, November 27, 2010

WEEEEE! My curtains are in and up!

actually pretty heavy, picked up from JCPenny catalog pickup

Not too much in the way of words today, but if you all could see the great big smile on my face you wouldn't need to hear anything (or read). My mom would be so proud, ha ha. She would love these curtains, too. So here are a few pics I took this morning. I picked up the curtains last Wednesday so I've had to wait all this time to have them up! But I am so thrilled with the final outcome. Just come and look :)

I had to get one out and look at it.
I am so happy with this fabric. It is so pretty. I don't think I could've recreated this, not even close.

so cute!
They pick up on all the black elements I have in the kitchen and just looks so much more cozier.

I love them with my mother's copper she gave me
In other news, Asher is doing just great. We have a follow up appointment on Wednesday and his eye almost looks as though nothing happened. He still has some minor bruising but it has not hurt him in the least and he has been very good about letting me put in the ointment to help it heal fast. Click here to see what I'm talking about, if you don't know.

Playing his Mobigo game
The kittens are growing so fast! I'll post some super cute pictures soon and I also have a Cherry Cheesecake recipe I want to share. It is soooo yummy. See ya soon!
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  1. Love your house! So glad Asher is recovering. These curtains are awesome. Love black and white and especially floral with stripes! Good job all round.

  2. Yay Jaime! So glad that Asher is recovering well, and that you got your curtains sorted out - they look great! Happy weekend to you :)

  3. Wowza... those curtains are fabulous, Jamie, and your house looks terrific... very inviting and welcoming. Now, since I've been fairly vacant in blogland, I'm gonna go back and see what has happened to poor Asher. Hugs!

  4. Too funny, I did the happy dance recently with my new curtains when they arrived too. Lucky they were so cheap though, the cats have already put two holes in a few panels!

  5. The curtains look great!
    I'm so glad Asher is on the mend. =)

  6. The curtains are very lovely. :) And I am SO happy to hear that Asher is healing well. :) Theresa

  7. Yeah, that fabric is GORGEOUS! You can never go wrong with the classic ‘black and white.’ Those curtains and your mother's copper look so good together. It's nice to hear that Asher is doing well, and I'd love to see how big the kitties are. :)


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