Monday, November 22, 2010

Whew! It's over and I can relax

Spiffy gown
Asher's eye surgery was early this morning and everything went just as planned. He didn't need an IV because it was over so quickly, the surgery that is. We got there at 5:30 and didn't leave until 8:15. Asher was so brave and happily colored as we waited.  He doesn't even have a bandage or patch over his eye. We just need to go back in 10 days for a follow up check up. So I can now relax, I am so glad this is over. Everyone treated him so well, I was really thankful. So I guess I got my Thanksgiving early this year.

Before the surgery
In other news, my craft show was a let down. I should've known that there would not be many people there because of the location. It was held in our county's 4H center and it is out of the way and not near town at all. It was also a first annual craft show, so I'll be people just did not know about it. To add insult to injury it was also very foggy for half the day. I almost passed the building up it was so foggy, and I know where I'm going! There also wasn't much in the way of advertising as they promised way back in February when we committed to do the show. It all went to a good cause though. It was to benefit our county's homeless dogs. I hope they made a lot of money and it was a success. But I think if there is a next time, I'll just write a check for the donation instead of wasting my day, and the day before getting ready for it. I think I may be  holding off on any more shows for a while. Focus more on just the online sales or maybe even try consignment.

I did meet a lot of great people and chatted all day long. I also purchased some home made peppermint lotion and a cute a Christmas decoration with a snowman and poinsettia's and had lunch and a box of donuts plus I "donated" money with all my non winning half pot tickets! About $6 worth. My partner was part of the entertainment and she sang half a dozen songs or so and everyone loved it. She has a very Patsy Cline kinda voice.

Oh! I'm excited to announce that I got my curtains!!! I picked them up Thursday evening but haven't had a chance to do anything but look at them and hang one on a pocket rod to see how it's going to look in my kitchen. I can't wait to get them up, they are super cute! I am so pleased.

Some not so great news is, when I came home from my show Saturday one of the kittens left me a present in the bathroom. It pooped in my sink :(  Yuck. My wonderful husband left it there all day so I could see it and clean it up when I arrived back home. So I may have 2 kittens and a husband to give away.

I haven't had a chance to answer everyone's well wishes yet, so if you haven't gotten a reply from me, I am getting caught up today. Thanks for all your prayers and sweet thoughts!
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  1. Yay! I'm so glad the surgery went well!

    Sorry to hear the craft show didn't go so well other than finding what sounds like some fun purchases.

  2. Oh Thank goodness it went so well!!! I've been thinking of you and Asher all week!
    Sorry about the craft show- it kind of sounds like the one I did at the beginning of October. But truthfully, those kinds of shows just don't do well for me :) I've pretty much decided to stick with Etsy, my home shows and trying to get more consignment stuff going (my cards are doing pretty well in a gallery right now:)) But as far as the Craft Shows go, I always get myself hyped up and then usually let down.
    Oh and re the kitten/husband drama- definitely keep the kittens! Just kidding- it sounds like something my hubby would do ;)
    Back to work now- I just wanted to pop in and see if you'd gotten any news.

  3. I am so happy to hear that the surgery went well for Asher, that's wonderful news, and now you can just relax and enjoy the season.
    Too bad about your craft show. I don't understand how promoters don't seem to understand that ADVERTISING is key to a successful event.
    Funny story about your kitty, lol! too bad I was eating my soup when I read it, ewwww, haha!

  4. SO glad everything went well with Asher's surgery.

    Sorry your show was a bust, I know how you feel. I do think the economy is playing havoc with these shows.

    Looking forward to seeing your curtains up.

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  5. SO happy to hear that everything went well with Asher. He looks so sleepy - but very cute in his dressing gown. How great that he was a brave boy! Sorry to hear the craft show was a bust - that's just awful news. Perhaps you can transfer some of your creations over to your etsy shop to sell.
    Have fun putting up your curtains and have a happy Thanksgiving! Theresa

  6. These photos of Asher are so adorable. He will really have fun looking at them when he's a college guy! Keep the kittens and give the husband away! I'm almost kidding on that one. They make kittens so cute so we won't murder them when they leave pee puddles and presents in the sink! Hopefully, they will get what the litter box is for as they mature! So glad Asher is doing well.....Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Aw, poor little boy - he looks so adorable in that little robe! I am glad everything went ok for him, brave little guy :)

  8. Oh Jaime, what an ordeal you just went through with Asher. I hope and pray that this is a one-time thing for him and isn't ongoing, like you mentioned that it is for some people. But thank goodness it's over and he is looking really good! Sorry to hear about the craft show, but that's the way that business goes sometimes. I've had my share of those kinds of disappointments too.


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