Friday, January 14, 2011

Inspiration in the mailbox

Soul Card by Amy
I opened my mailbox yesterday (after a bit of a boo hoo fest) to find a piece of art made just for me by my new friend (yes Amy, I said FRIEND). I love it. She picked out the colors even though I had given her my picks for other colors... but I think I like this better than the ones I told her, so good call Amy!

Amy is one of the busiest artists I know that isn't selling their work online. She creates more I think in one week than I get accomplished in a year. You should check out her blog, Amy on the Flipsyde, but be forewarned she doesn't sugar coat anything and is hilarious with her mannerisms. She is brave enough to live out loud and makes no apologies, which I like. I think her cool artists exterior (dreadlocks and all) masks a soft heart.

Here is a close up, check out the texture... it's delicious. Plus as an added bonus, it smells great which we cannot figure out quite why but it may be lead. Joking.

So I'm not sure if this is burned or what, is that subliminal for my soul? Not sure but the result is beautiful. The textures comes from flowers from her garden.

So this is the backside of a sweet little note she wrote me. Alright, is wasn't really sweet that's a lie but it was totally her which is cool. Amy also has a round robin thing, which I don't really know what that means but it looks like fun and you swap things. Check it out on her blog. Even though she doesn't follow MY blog, I still like her and that's ok.

To all my friends that left me encouraging words, thank you. They really did brighten my mood.
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  1. That art piece is pretty cool - and Amy sounds like a fun girl. Enjoy your new gift! Theresa

  2. Wonderful gift--I love the blog love!

  3. Super beautiful...gorgeous...thanks for her link..i will check her out!!
    Wishing you a fabulous day..hope all is well and thanks for your lovely are awesome Jaime!


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