Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, snow go away

Zoey's thoughts --"more of this crap?"
Enough already. I know I'm whining but I am sick of the cold stuff and ready for spring. I especially know I'm whining when my friend Theresa keeps getting more and more of the white stuff. But I guess that's what you get when you live waaaaayy up there in the North East like she does. Here in the Ohio Valley, we're just supposed to get 15" a year. So it snows an inch here and the schools are closed.

It's just so gloomy. I made myself a crystal sun catcher and have only been able to see the rainbows it creates like twice since I made it a couple weeks ago!

Speaking of Theresa, (of Welcome to My World) she gave me some great advice about listing on Etsy. Did you know that they have this new feature that you can copy a current listing and just change a few things here and there which speeds up listing dramatically! I just listed my little stylish girl birthday card in no time! Thank you Theresa!!

Here's a look at the card:

Stylish Girlfriend Birthday Card
You all wouldn't believe how big these kitten monsters are getting! I'll take a current photo and post that soon. I still call them monsters because they are still that way! I lock them up in the basement at night because they are so obnoxious. There's nothing like being woke up out of a deep sleep to a ninja cat bouncing off your head. They have wrecked my basement, strewn my seed collection everywhere down there and can single pawedly trash my pantry. Lightning actually has a weird obsession, he chews on my potatoes through their plastic! Who knew the damage they could do? I am shocked all the time at what they are able to demolish. Cleaning up the messes is never ending. Dare I say they rival the mess that Asher can make??? Maybe not that bad, but you get it.

OH, the picture above of Zoey. If only I had gotten the second afterwards when she looked up at me with this look on her face like "I have to go pee out in that? You're kidding, right?" Ha ha, poor girl. I don't blame her.
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  1. Aww your poor Zoey. She looks so forlorn contemplating the frosty walk outside. My own furries were initially excited by the deep snow but the novelty quickly wore off... poor things! Such a cute birthday card - so very pretty! How typical of Theresa to be so helpful and encouraging - what true 'faery' treasure she is!
    Hugs Jo xxx

    By the way, my new blog home is now here: Would love your to stop by!

  2. I feel for ya, spring can't get here soon enough.

    I'll have to check out that new listing feature, sounds like a good new tool.

    Are you doing OWOH this year? I noticed the button on your side bar. I haven't decided if I'm going to do it or not yet, it's fun but takes a good ammount of time....hmmmm dunno.

  3. Hurray, Jaime! It worked for you! The card is really pretty. I was happy to help you out. :) Now you can update and get things in the shop jiffy quick. It ended up snowing most of the day, which pretty much prevented me from running my errands. Got some photos taken and did a lot of catching up, though. My pups aren't too thrilled with going potty out in the snow - we've done our best to shovel out a path under the pine trees where the snow cover is lightest. My poor Willow has a bit of arthritis, so we don't let her stay out too long. And we are turning a blind eye to the "accidents" because it really is so cold out there. Stay warm!!! Theresa

  4. I don't blame Zoey one bit! Here in Georgia, we're supposed to get even less snow than you and when we get something big like a couple of weeks ago, it's disastrous! The entire state has 11 snow Alabama sent some over for us to use, even so, it was a week of NO school- the first time THAT'S happened since the 80's when *I* was in school:)
    I love your kitten stories, they crack me up! Potatoes? Who would have thought? One of our cats likes lettuce, and they ALL can hear a can of tuna being opened even if they're a block away!
    Stay warm, my friend!

  5. I know how your puppy feels. I'm sick of it,too.
    I haven't tried the time saving feature on Etsy yet, Thanks for reminding me. Your cards are lovely. Hope people find them easily-that's the trick to everything online!!!

  6. Awwww, Zoey looks so sweet! Love your precious card too. I am hoping your weather passes soon and you have some sunshine...hey you should plant a terrarium, its kinda magical and it would be sweet to put a little trinket of your moms in it. They can be rather small too. It is very hard to find little houseplants here tho, everything has gone succulents and I am not much into those. Hey email me your house address k? Stay cozy I am sending you warm thoughts!

  7. SERIOUSLY?? Etsy has that feature now?? It is about time! LOL I have always complained about that because I remember being able to do that on ebay. It sure saves a lot of time.
    I am tired of winter too, but so so thankful that we have not gotten the snow that the East Coast has. No thanks!! :)

  8. Aw, poor Zoey! lol
    My cat is driving me crazy at the moment, she stayed in all winter and seemed happy enough using her cat box, but now even though it FREEZING she is bouncing about in the night and trying to get us out of bed so she can go outside! Those cats can be really crazy sometimes! She pulls up the carpet and scratches the door if you don't get out of bed as quick as she thinks you should, so maybe a basement would be a better option LOL
    Best wishes xx


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