Monday, January 24, 2011

Listing takes forever

I spent a better part of Sunday listing and doing a little editing on my Etsy shop. Jeesh... it takes forever. I even had all my new photographs taken and resized and ready to list, because I had spent the better part of Saturday for that! I think I may have gotten 4 new things listed between the 2 shops, GeeJayCreations and ArtsyFartsyMe. I now need a serious neck massage from sitting here so long plus my butt hurts. I'm not very productive it seems. But I am doing a little something which is good and getting a flash of a little spark possible. A little spark of gumption that is. Could be I sit here peeling Hershey kisses all day in between each page on Etsy that is taking so long... hmmmm. Nah.

Oh, I did make my own cool smoke for one of the cards in Photoshop. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used Painter for the card above which is the front to this below.

cool smoke

Still trying to get used to our new "normal" with our new schedule. It still stinks and I am sick to death of the snow. If we have another dang snow day from school I may truly go outta my mind. That damn groundhog better do his thing and bring on the spring.

I'm a little pissy today... maybe it's the Kisses. Hah.. I will tell you that chunky chocolate chip cookies and Diet Coke don't taste very good together. Who can guess what time of the month it is???

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  1. Does it take a long time to list stuff on Etsy? It's been so long since I have I can't remember. Heh.
    Great job on the new card. I love that smoke effect, very cool!
    Mmm chunky chocolate chip cookies sounds good, but I'll skip the diet soda and just have em with my donuts.

  2. Sorry it's taking you a long time to get those goodies listed. Etsy does have a nice copy feature which saves times on listings that are similar - it manages to cut some of the time. Oh cookies...I could use some right now. Maybe if I have time I'll make some tomorrow!!! :) Stay warm, Theresa

  3. I'm with you on the snow - I love my kids but I can't get anything done when they have snow days and 90 minute delays!

  4. Yes, love the card, smoke!!!!!


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