Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yee-Haw! The Loot is Pouring In!

OWOH Loot that is! Just look at the treasures that have made their way into my heart!

From Brandy at Artbrat's Bits and Pieces... a sweet little mixed media treasure box that she made along with her beautiful mermaid calling card and I love mermaids!!

From Sanna at Sannasartmind "So Many Hats" 6"x8" Mixed media collage that almost made it into Somerset magazine! It was so beautifully wrapped as well.

From Carolyn at LilDarlings by Carolyn I received "The Smallest Teeny Tiny Piggy Bank with coins" so adorable...  She managed to send it even though she had been without power due to the nasty ice storm... been there. Yuck!

From Laura at Artworks Studio and "Outside the Lines" blog... just for the simple task of asking for it... a stack of multi-colored envelopes that will come in really handy. So generous.

I also received another that I will post as soon as I get a picture of it. It's 1 am now and there is no sunlight which equals really crappy pictures so we must wait.

I am so filled with happiness that the OWOH giving spirit has brought out. I don't know if that sentence made sense, but you get the idea. What generous people who just pour out their souls through their work, it's just amazing to feel the giving spirit that I've encountered through OWOH. Thank you, truly.

On another note, we have got the gunkies again here at my house. Strep throat is running rampant in the school among other junk and I have felt like doo doo since Saturday evening. I don't think we have Strep, and I hope we don't get it! Today I have the privilege of eating with no taste sensation what so ever. What a waste of food and talk about no satisfaction whatsoever, jeesh. So I haven't wasted my chocolate ice cream I have hidden in the basement freezer at least. Yeah, I'm one of those. Food hiders. What can I say, it is sad but true. I feel like a big loser too, because I haven't mailed off the book yet to T. I will, I promise!

This brings me to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks. I haven't done anything else with it yet since I've felt so puny. I'm sorry :(  I know there is confusion about it. Plus, we still need 5 more people that are willing to join. Maybe I should set a deadline. That way if we don't have the 10 we need by that date, we will proceed and maybe some will get lucky and get an extra month. So if you're reading this and want join the sistah's, there is still time! We'd love to have you. Please chime in on your blog if you want to about it to stir interest.
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  1. Gorgeous prizes- I swear I feel like it's Christmas morning each time I've opened one of mine- and because there are still some on the way, I've been haunting the post mistress daily :D
    Sorry you're not feeling well- talk about a waste of calories! As for hiding food; well I've got some Girl Scout cookies stashed in my bedside table as we speak.......shhh!
    I think most of the people who follow my blog, already come here too, but I'm off to post about the round robin.
    Feel Better!

  2. So many great prizes! OWOH was a lot of fun.

    I really like your traveling sketchbook idea! I wish I could take part but I'm so busy I don't have time to breath and I wouldn't want to let anyone down. I'm excited to see how it progresses.

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. What fun and lovely OWOH gifts you received, Jaime! Thank you for sharing them. So sorry the yuckies have attacked your home again. Big hugs for you to feel better soon! Theresa

  4. Oh you lucky thing what beautiful gifts! I did't win anything this year but had alot of fun participating and enjoyed sending my little goodies off to my winners :0)

    In answer to your question about markets in Australia. They are very popular. Especially in Canberra where I am (the capital) they have a few really established markets and the one I'm doing this weekend is very popular. I shall take lots of photos of the stalls etc to show you all on my blog. People really do love the handmade gifts. Fingers crossed I do ok. I'll just be happy if I sell enough to allow me to make more :0)

  5. Sorry your are not feeling good, feel better soon :)

    I will be excited to receive the book but I can wait :)

    Don't worry about sending the book, take care of yourself and family first.

    You have received lots of fun stuff. What a fun group. :)

    Feel better and thank you so much for the B.Day wishes, T :)

  6. Wow...lucky's lots of fun receiving stuff in the mail...Take care:)

  7. Ah, I feel your yuckiness. Had something similar on and off since January and I am now fed up to the back teeth with it. Ack. I just start getting on top of things, think it's gone and then it comes back and flattens me with a great big snotty wheezy laugh! Pah!

    Your gifts are just gorgeous - I was so lucky too with my wins. It was such a fabulous event.


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