Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painting Saturday, Messy Saturday

Today Asher finally played with the big easel I got him for his birthday. Why is it we end up doing all the work and they decide they are bored and skip off after 10 minutes of play while it took 20 minutes to get it all set up? That is what goes on here on a regular basis. I try to get up in my studio to do a little creative play myself and of course I've got a tag a long who wants to paint too. By the time I've got him all set up, paints open, brushes a plenty and lots of paper including water I finally get to my stuff only to have him say "I'm done". Oy. At five years old, he still can't be trusted to go play alone in the house so that means I'm done too. Oy again. I know I'll be wishing for these days back someday but right now it's hard to look past the work and aggravation. I suppose I won't remember the hard part, just the fun stuff.

I took this picture after I got done wiping up the red paint from the floor, cabinets and refrigerator from Asher dropping the bottle. Paint flew everywhere.  
As it turns out chalk is a lot easier to clean up.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks has finally started and I can't wait to share all that with you, but right now I got nuthin'.  As far as the original traveling book, I think it's still in T's hands because I haven't gotten word yet about it being sent out. So if you're on the list to receive it, hang in there!

But in other news, Grandma has been moved to a new nursing home and they have her doing therapy, which is whoopin' her butt. I went to see her Thursday to do her hair and she was sleeping so hard I couldn't wake her up. She looked pretty bad, wore out and much older than before. I fear it may not be long. But she has come back and surprised us before. I'll to keep a good outlook until I can't anymore.

Look at these lazy things here. Thought I'd leave you with a smile.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. It's hard to get time to create when they are little. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Take care:)

  2. Paint everywhere? Argh!!!

    Asher looks like he is off to a good start as an artist! And oh those cats look SO relaxed! Mine is in a sunny window at this moment!

  3. I had to chuckle at the thought of paint spewed everywhere. The times I've painted with my niece and nephew have been eye-openers and made me respect some of what my sis has to go through.

    I hope things work out for your Grandma and she returns to her usual self. It has been a tough time for my Gramma this past month with quite a few ER visits and some bad reactions to pain meds. It is heartbreaking sometimes.

    I'm super excited to begin in my sketchbook and have a few ideas still floating around that I want to decide on before I put paint to the page, but can't wait to get there in a few days!!!

  4. So behind on blog hopping.

    Ah yes, we have one of those easels for Ruby. We made the mistake of having it in the living room - she forgets that she's supposed to be 'bound' to the easel and her pen carries on along the wall.... *sigh*

    Big hugs for you. I know it's hard with your Grandma. I do. Chin up.

    Love your cats - so gorgeous!

  5. Big hugs, Jaime. Could Asher not be able to play in an area close-by as you create? Hope the next time you see your grandma that she is doing better. Thanks for the sweet kitty photo - oh to be one! Theresa

  6. Such fun (and frustrating) to have a wee aspiring artist. I remember one time I'd been trying to get a little painting in while Caroline was napping-I went to answer the phone- this was WAY before folks had cell phones ;) and I came back to find she'd been fingerpainting the window and wiping her fingers on the couch- it IS a funny memory to me now- but not so much at the time :D
    I too hope the next time I hear from you that your Grandma has surprised you once again- you and she will be in my thoughts :)
    (((((big hugs))))))

  7. Chalk, watercolor in pans, crayons (a big box with a bazillion colors) - that is definitely the way to go with little or no supervision for kiddos. I taught art to grade one kids for 7 years and paint that was tempera or acrylic was always a nemisis! And something I always invited moms to come in an help with !
    Glad to hear grandma is on the mend at least a little.
    Light and love, Jaime !


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