Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CMOE Dinosaur is finished!

I just took the final photos of my painted and adorned wooden dinosaur to benefit the Children's Museum of Evansville. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. You can see the project start to finish through this link. Start with the September post at the bottom of the link's page.

This angle shows the metallic paint a little bit. I used metallic paint on almost every inch of it. As you can see, my special touch that I was hiding from everyone was adding what I call glass blobs. These are actually little glass squares and I thought they would be perfect for this dinosaur.

I also adorned his toes with more glass blobs that show the metallic paint from underneath. The pictures just aren't doing the metallic paint justice. I just love the shimmer this guy has and the glass adds a little extra special sparkle.

The mouth is where you insert a quarter, this is after all what they have to collect donations for the museum in several local businesses. There will be a plastic coin collector belly where the giant hole is. I'm not actually sure who will be bidding for these dinosaurs and if they are businesses that will use this as a donation collection, but I kinda hope not. I think it would get nicked up, scratched and broken if it were just out in the public not being protected. I hope this will be viewed as artwork and not a donation box.

So there he is... I've wondered if I should name him since it wasn't asked of me, but since I usually title my work I will. I call him Seymour.

Feed me Seymour!

Thank you friends for your encouraging words and thoughts. It's been a fun project and I'm ready to move on to the next.

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  1. Wow! He is seriously fabulous!
    I love the addition of the glass, it really adds a nice extra texture to him and compliments the metallic paint.

  2. He is seriously cool. I love how he turned out.

  3. Oh my goodness!--very cool!(loved Little Shop of Horrors--great name :)

  4. Seymour is adorable and far too good to be knicked up with nickels, lol. It will be great to get him out there though. Blessings, Janet

  5. Seymour is wonderful ~ very creative! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy PPF

  6. Seymour is adorable. I love the glass blobs.

  7. Seymour looks fabulous! And I do see the wonderful metallic paint.

  8. He's great. I'd be worried about him getting scratched too. Maybe you could give him a nice couple of nice heavy coats of polyurethane?

  9. Jaime, how beuatiful he is. What great work. I agree with Wednesday about giving him a couple of heavy coats of polyurethane. He is wonderful, you rock!!

  10. He is truly terrrrific!!! Coat him well - I think he is to be well used too.

  11. This is going to be well loved because it is wonderful. You are very talented and I love the texture of the glass!

  12. He is just SO cool, Jaime!!!! You did a GREAT job! Thanks for sharing the photos!!! :)

  13. I love how he turned out... the metalic and deeper colors make him so rich and detailed! perfect!

  14. Wonderfully fierce dino, perfect name. Love the glass blob details-fabulous.

  15. Seymour is glorious! And Jaime, don't worry about him. Release him into the unknown. What really matters is that someone finds him perfect. For their purpose. I know what you mean tho...
    I sold 4 pieces to a man that committed suicide...and I am ashamed, but honest to say, my afterthoughts were...where does my art go now???
    Prolly in the dump.
    LOL Who cares!
    The reason I looked you up was to say...
    When I was praying tonight, you popped into my head. I guess I get you. I have been where you are and felt what you feel. I am still working towards that connection...the one I feel you wanting.
    I love that you have your son, believe me when I tell you he IS your purpose, your fulfillment in life.
    Never look on. And never stop being YOU. Love, Lisa

  16. Oh he turned out great! I love the addition of the "glass blobs" too - what a great detail!

    I hope you gave him a few generous coats of polyurethane, just in case :)


  17. He came out fantastically. Love the glass blobs up his back and tail.

  18. If I had loads of money I would bid him myself and keep him safe at home with me, I just adore him!!! He ROCKS! Deb

  19. I think SEYMOR is fabulous! Happy PPF!


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