Friday, October 28, 2011

Surprise in my mailbox

I opened up my mailbox this morning and I had a tasty surprise waiting for me! My best friend Kelly had sent me a package with a cute Halloween card and some chocolate goodies inside. She went all out, too. It was Libs Chocolate! For those of you not from my area, Libs is a local chocolate and candy maker that has the best premier chocolates! Works of art each one, they are.

Look at the deliciousness...

how cute!

mmph mph mmm... it's a chocolate covered Oreo! mmm... *nosh nosh nom*

seal of yumminess
cute little ghouls all lined up!

oh yeah, it's soooo good!
Death by chocolate, what better way?

On Wednesday, there was a town Halloween Party for the kids and Asher decided to be a cowboy this year. Better than the cat he claimed he would be all year long... haha  So I made him this cute outfit including the chaps and matching vest. He's just missing boots. I'm in a non scary get up of a happy gypsy. I just love dressing up and could do it all year. In fact I might!

Happy Friday night! It's almost Halloween!!!!!!

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  1. What a sweet friend :)

    They look so cute the little figures :)

    Have fun on Halloween, I get to hand out candy which I LOVE doing :)

    But I haven't dressed up in year, maybe I should but I am scary enough LOL :)

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  2. Oh you both look SO Great!!!! I'm impressed with your costume-creating skills!!!!! My oh my - those chocolates look tasty. I so love chocolate! Each year, I purchase Halloween candy that me and my hubby both love because we rarely get trick or treaters. LOL I'm looking forward to digging in!

  3. LOVE these pictures- Asher looks totally ready for the wild wild west- great costumes; both of you!

  4. YUM....nothing better than chocolate from a friend on Halloween! Love the costumes. Asher gets cuter every year! Thanks for sharing...Janette


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