Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Birthday is today!

Today is my birthday and I'm not too proud to ask for happy day wishes! I miss my mom even more today if that's even possible. She always made my birthday so special and she was the one who made this day possible for me! Every year without fail she made me a boston creme pie to celebrate. It is my favorite and no one makes is like her, not even me. She used iron skillets to make cakes and I don't know if that was it or just that my mom made if for me but it was the best. I miss her and hope she's with me today in spirit.

My friend Amelia made me one this year and surprised me with it yesterday. It is mostly gone now and has been yummy. I have nearly devoured the whole thing and I don't care, cause it's my birthday and I can eat cake if I want to! 

Still in gardening madness around here... will join the land of blog again soon.


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    I wish you a wonderful day and of course your Mom is right there with you, right at your side giving you her love.
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your gardening.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Jaime!
    Have a wonderful birthday.
    By the way, great photo lovely lady.

  3. Beautiful are aging very gracefully! Happy Happy Birthday! Sharing your memories about your Mom brings her to you on this day. Holidays and sick days are the times I wish my Mother would magically appear! Recently had to be in the ER for an allergy medication reaction. It seemed so lonely (even with Jon there) without my parents. Your Mom is watching over you from the other side and as we grow older (a positive side of birthdays), we can look forward to seeing our parents again and being with them once more. Happy Day and give Asher a big hug because his birthday memories will be as special as yours are! Thanks for sharing your memories with us. My Mother also baked cakes in iron skillets as well as the most delicious cornbread ever! Have a good day and a prosperous healthy year!!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Jaime. I feel certain your mom is with you every moment and she is very proud of her beautiful daughter. Celebrate and enjoy your cake my Dear...

  5. Happy Birthday, Jaime! What a gorgeous photo of you. I wish that I could bake you something special and send it your way... Hope this day is a reminder that you are special and that the memories of your mother bring you a bit of joy on this day and always.

  6. I'm raising a glass to the birthday girl, even though by my clock I've missed it by a half hour. but you're in a different time zone I think so it's still your birthday! I've been making post cards almost non stop for 24 hours. (okay, I slept for about 6 hours). Let me send you a random belated birthday postcard - send me your address if you want a fun mail surprise. I'm on a roll! and I really wish I had some boston cream pie. I might have to settle for a boston cream donut run in the morning. hope your birthday has been full of love. -Karen

  7. Happy Birthday Jaime!! I hope you had a wonderful day--I know your Mom was with you...

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jaime!! Hope you have a great day, year and many many more!

  9. Happy Birthday Jaime, sorry for being late, but my blog was cancelled and I got it back only today . I am sure your mother is with you in spirit, but I can understand the undertone of sadness, specially in certain circumstances . xx

  10. dagnabbit... I haven't checked blogs in a month and totally missed your special day. Happy belated birthday!

  11. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was special!

  12. Yay..hooray..Happy Happy Birthday..hugs to you and shine in the memory of your beautiful mom!! Wishing you a birthday year full of sparkles..bliss..and new joyful adventures!!

  13. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Jaime !!! This picture of you is just beautiful. I hope you had some sweet celebrating time.
    Big love to you !

  14. Hi Jaime! I so enjoyed meeting you this past week-end! I knew I liked you, you are also an April baby:)I have read your blog, but I couldn't seem to find the follow button:)

  15. Sorry I missed your birthday! It's been busy over here with gardening and painting, so visiting blogs has been put on the back burner.

    Hope your birthday was wonderful!


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