Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Canning Job Evah

Well yesterday for the first time ever, I canned. Woo hoo! the best part is, it was easy! I've been wanting to can for years but have been afraid to. I jumped in head first. I bought this gargancheous pressure canner. It was so big, that I had to buy a new cooktop. These may be the most expensive homegrown and canned green beans in the history of mankind. 

Last year I froze everything including the beans and they were icky, just horrible. I froze tomatoes, salsa, corn, peppers and yellow and green squash. This year I'm gonna be a "Cannin' Freak". I may just have to buy another shelf for the basement!

I also, spied my first ripe tomato! A Stupice, one of my Heirloom Tomatoes I grew from seed. I haven't had a tomato before July 4th in a long time! They are growing gangbusters! I think they have found some tomato crack in the soil or something. Seriously, they are doing fabulous.

Today, I also did a little sketch of a fairy. Man, I really need to practice and loosen up some. 

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