Friday, February 5, 2010

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Today or really this whole week has been more exciting that normal. Aside from losing my voice almost completely, (try yelling at your 3 year old with nothing coming out) I had a meeting with Gale my writer friend, and we have got the ball rolling. In fact, we have committed to be in an Arts and Crafts show the 27th of this month! Wow! Now we have a deadline, which is probably a good thing since I can be quite the procrastinator.

So naturally, we want to have a logo for our new little venture and that's what I've been working on today. Nothing is set in stone and these are my first better looking ones but I wanted to get my blogging friends thoughts on what I've got so far. We are calling ourselves GeeJay Creations because her name is Gale and I'm of course Jaime and we create things together. Our creations will be prints of my original art and designs along with her poems and writings mounted on a variety of things that have yet to be determined.

I was going for a fun and not so serious look with a slight feminine touch. I may add some color, but an effective logo design will always look good in black and white, so that's how I always start my designs. I have a favorite but I want to see what everyone else picks. So my dear friends, please cast your vote a, b, c or d? or gasp! if you don't care for any of them keep it to yourself... no I'm kidding. If you really don't care for any then put F :(

(I can take it. I worked in an advertising agency for years and had many dreams dashed... haha)


  1. Hmm this is a toughy! C) and d) are okay, I like the idea with the flower in the logo, but the font is too.. i dunno, either plain or masculine, i can't think of the right description lol. i just dont think it would suite your work as well. So my choice is between a) and b), but i'm leaning more towards b). While a) is funky and fun, i think b) is also funky and fun, but more professional, artsy and put together. I think if it was just really fun playful artwork a) would go better, but since you're adding poetry, you're adding a bit more serious onto the playfull, so therefore I'd go with b) lol. should i have just said b) and shut up!? I'm a bit of a rambler! :)
    I'm a procrastinator too and would never get anything done if i didnt have deadlines lol. good for you! Can't wait to see some of your collaborations :)
    Good luck!

  2. Hey Jaime, I prefer a). or d). Having said that, I like the playfulness of a). but the handwriting may need tweaking. I like the prominence of the flower in both. The type in d). maybe be a little too dominating.

    Hope that helps, logos are always a challenge, I find I always second guess myself :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  3. Hi Jaime, I really like the first choice. It's fresh and airy, with a feminine touch. It's also easy to read. I like how you've incorporated the flower into the logo. It looks friendly and not "corporate."
    That's just my wee humble opinion. Have a lovely night!!! Hope you get your voice back!!!
    Theresa :)

  4. I like A. But they are all really nice!
    Great blog!

  5. Sorry you lost your voice :( I vote for # A it's the most "artsyfartsy"! Pleasant & welcoming.

  6. hey!! i really like A and C :)) they're so happy :))

  7. Wow! thank you all for your valued opinions. I really appreciate your responses. So far it looks A may have the most likes. Of course I have to show it to my "partner" and see what she thinks, but I think she will like A also.

    My favorites were actually A and D. But I agree with Kat and T, D may be a little too masculine and heavy. I will tweak that one a little to see if I can back off a little on the heaviness. I have a tendency to make logos a little too heavy.

    As T said, logos can be challenging but they are fun to create. One leads to another and another and another... you should see all the designs I made and whittled it down to these four.

    Thank you all so much and I value each and every one's constructive criticism or happy opinions! I'll post either new logos or tweaked versions of these soon, so be ready with your opinions again! :)

  8. DollyBelle, thank you visiting and posting my blog! I went to your blog but you haven't posted since Nov. I think your blog is very pretty and was interested in your reviews. I looked for a contact email to send this to, but couldn't find one, anyway... welcome! I hope you visit often :)

  9. Lynn, thanks for stopping by and following my little blog here :) Come back often! You and your brothers work is awesome!


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