Saturday, November 6, 2010

Am I a glutton for punishment?

What have I got myself into with these new furry babies!? I now have 3 times more animals, including Zoey our dog and about one hundred times more the work. Before July, I was down to just my one princess cat, Glove who really has been the easiest fur baby to have besides a few fur balls here and there. Now between Asher, my Tasmanian mess making 4 year old and Zoey the ever shedding inside dog that loves mud and dirt and the twin kittens who have discovered my plants and love to hurl the kitty liter a good 3 feet all the while totally missing the stinky pile they just left... whew... It never stops.

Come on, how cute is this?
If it weren't for their sweet loving faces and purring little selves I would be a basket case. Just yesterday about 5 minutes before I had to leave the house (in a dead run) one of the kittens decides to pee in my book bag. Ick. You wouldn't believe how hungry these little kittens are either and boy they make a huge mess when they eat. Little pieces of Kitten Chow everywhere, que the living Hoover... Zoey. I have given Zoey about four different toys now and she methodically shreds them to pieces to retrieve the little squeaky thing in the middle while leaving stuffing all over the house. Last week, I stepped away from my dinner table with pizza on my plate, to come back with an empty plate and a sheepish looking dog. I've had an outside dog for the last 12 and a half years so when I got Zoey, I wanted her in with me not thinking about all the extra work that's involved. It's like having another kid. We just had some much needed rain the other day. Did I mention she loves dirt and mud? Well in she came with brown muddy paws. Her feet are white. I had to take a bucket and stick each one of her feet in the water and wash them off before I let her totally in. She didn't understand what all the fuss was about and looked at me as if I needed professional help.
Blink, blink... sleepy babies
I won't even mention all the toys that are strewn from one end of the house to the other. I've lost the use of my couch because it's where Asher runs his cars and he freaks out if you mess up the track. Ugh... Calgon take me away. And all 4 of them are jealous of each other. It's just crazy.

What? This isn't mine?
Thanks for letting me vent ;)  I love my readers! MWAHH! There's a big smooch

Til later! Have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to turn your clock back.

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  1. They might be a pain - and extra messy - but once they're in your life you'll never want to go back. Welcome to my world! Theresa

  2. I have a furchild and she is the world to me. Yes, it is a lot of work however I receive unconditional love and that is priceless. Enjoy your fun bunch. Happy extra hour creating...

  3. Lol! those are great photos, and I loved reading about your furbabies :-)
    sure they cause us trouble, but we love them just the same, and I will bet you can't imagine life without them

  4. I WUB your babies. we have 2 dogs and 3 cats. at one point i saved some babies and 8 of them in my huge tub until we could find homes for them :)

  5. I can totally relate! I have five furchildren. Two large dogs and three cats. It is like running a day care center! The Dalmatian and cats reside in the house which equals one house furball! Our precious Pitbull, Bogart, is in the backyard and sunporch (when it gets cold). It's a huge investment in time and energy, especially with Asher. I think these sweet little furry spirits are worth every minute (even inside dogs). It is a privilege to share our lives with these "wild things" and I think God has a special place for caretakers of his innocent little creatures. Thank God you have hardwood floors!! It's worse with carpet! Take a deep breath and enjoy! Postscript: Be careful with those squeakers inside the dog toys. My friend's dog had to have one removed from it's intestine a few years ago.

  6. I hear ya, sister! You've got some keepers there, even though there are days you'd just like to boot them out the door :)

    Those twins are SO adorable!

  7. Cute, cute,cute...enjoy the craziness because it goes so fast!!! Nothing like kids and furry animals...

  8. Ah the early joys of fur had to know there was a reason they're so cute, didn't you?
    I LOVE that first picture of the kitten sleeping on Zoey- SO sweet!

  9. I know how you feel.....I have 5 dogs and it's a three ring circus at my house every day. Dr. Doolittle has nothing on me!

    I love the furbabies!


  10. Oh, so so so cut, lovely cats !
    Il m'a l'air bien ami avec ton toutou, j'adore ces images ! Si plein de tendresse...


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