Friday, January 21, 2011

Being a Purple Man

Four Faces of The Tree - very old drawing from my sketch book
Things are in a weird state of being these days. I forget what day it is, I've been having crazy dreams and stuck in a bit of a funk. I dreamed this morning I was actually a man and I was in a large metal tub of dark purple dye. I knew that I had a mission and that I was an agent of some sort. There was another man in the room with me as I dyed my body but I couldn't see anything but his silhouette. Now strange dreams are nothing new for me, but I don't recall ever dreaming I was the opposite sex. I would lift my leg and arm and could hear the water trickle from them and see the deep purple liquid dripping. I was not above the tub as I am sometimes just an observer but I was in the correct perspective to be in the tub and looking up to this mystery man. The lights were dim and it was very light outside. I could see this from the cracks in the walls and small window behind the man. I was looking at my skin as it got darker and darker and I was pleased with the effect. I'm not sure where this came from because I was hooked on watching the bio channel last night and was watching the biography of Dolly Parton before I went to bed. I just love her.

Sometimes my dreams are definitely from something I had encountered or watched from the day but a lot of the time they are just off the wall. I actually go to bed hoping I'll have some wild dreams since I get a kick out of them. Although I don't like the dreams where I dream someone is trying to kill me. And sometimes I wake up freaking out about my son. I've had a few dreams where he was in danger and I'm extra cautious for a while. I do believe that our dreams are our sub-conscience mind mostly. But occasionally, I think something or someone comes to me in my dreams as a warning. I used to keep a dream journal when I was younger. As soon as I woke from the dream I wrote it down, as much as I could remember that is. Funny thing is sometimes something would happen later that day or even the next day that would jar a dream from my memory. Kinda like deja vu... which is another post for another day.

Enjoy your weekend friends.

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  1. I have some weird dreams too sometimes. The one that happens every now and then is that I am standing on top of a mailbox and Michael Jackson is trying to bite me. I don't think I want to have that one analyzed!!


  2. Dreams are funny things - I either have nonsensical ones or terrifying ones. LOL No happy medium for me. This sketch, by the way, is great. Have you thought to add color to it? Have a great weekend! Theresa

  3. Sorry to hear the funk is still persisting.
    Crazy dream! I can't remember mine, the second I wake they vanish. My husband has looney dreams.
    Lulu's dream about MK really cracked me up.

  4. I have kooky dreams too..... Sometimes, I dream about TV shows that I've watched and other times crazy, scary stuff. Sometimes I get ideas for my paintings form my dreams.....
    I LOVE your sketch, BTW, I agree that you should add some color to it!
    I'm sorry you're still down, I've been down too...I'm ready for Spring, I think that will help. In the meantime, there's always ICE CREAM!
    Big cheery hugs to you, my friend!

  5. Dreams are so amazing sometimes, and I dream constantly, and remember them vividly, but 10 minutes after I'm up, I forget--I need to write them down, because like you said little fragments come back to you.
    I hope you get some sunshine and get out of your funk.

  6. Love that picture, really interesting!
    I too love those abstract dreams :) not so much the nasty ones that wake you up though! Sweet dreams for tonight :)

  7. Really interesting drawing! At least it was purple dye! Good color choice! I have a drawing with faces on a tree. It was included in a three artists show at the Heliotrope Gallery! I saw the Dolly Parton bio on the Biography Channel too. Love her! She is an inspiration for women of a "certain age" and so pretty! I'm a "biography addict"! I've been having weird dreams lately too. Very shadowy and intense. Maybe we should lay off the midnight snacks!!

  8. Love your drawing! You should draw or art journal your dreams. Since you posted this a few weeks ago, and you've made me laugh in your more recent posts, I'm hoping the funk has past - that box of books would be so great to curl up with.


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