Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet little babies

I had to share this today, I just found them. I knew the stray cat that won't let me get within 20 feet of her was pregnant and I knew it was getting close. If I could get ahold of her, she'd be fixed... but she is ferocious! She was stuck in Daryl's wood shop one day and we tried to carry her out... big mistake. She tore both of us up.

Looks unsuspecting doesn't it?

Look a little closer...

How about now?

How sweet is this? Their eyes are still closed. They are only a day or two old, maybe three but I doubt it.

D found them, and we're keeping them from Asher so they'll have a chance! haha He would want to hold them and play with them. Considering what he does to frogs (he tries to help them swim and takes them down the slide with him), they better stay out of his sight for a while. I am such a sucker for baby animals, I don't know what we are going to do. Hopefully they won't be wild, like Mamma.

Hope you enjoyed this little sweet miracle of life.


  1. Oh how sweet they are! At least she feels comfortable enough roosting in your yard. She's just protecting her babies. This is beautiful!

  2. SO Adorable! We use a live animal trap for our stray cats. It's a difficult situation with three little ones to consider. Guess all you can do is feed mama so she will have enough milk for them. If you start petting them after their eyes are open, maybe mama won't move them and will become more tame. We sometimes put out a box with blankets and that helps. This is how we enticed our Tabby into domesticity and she delivered her one little kitten on our patio in the box. We "tamed" Tabby, found her precious kitten a good home and now (14 years later) Tabby is still with us and spoiled rotten! I think it was Leonardo da Vinci that said a kitten is a work of art! So true! So precious!

  3. Hope you did not get tore up TOO bad!

    Have a great weekend lady!

    CK :-)

  4. Oh my gosh! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  5. So sweet and how perfect to read on Mother's Day! We just spotted a baby possum yesterday and while I can't stand possums in general, this little baby was adorable learning to climb a tree!

  6. Oh how precious! Follow Janette's advice, I think... and perhaps Mama Cat will come around and let herself be tamed a bit. Good luck with the situation; hopefully you can "help" with the kittens and then find them a good home!

  7. That is adorable, Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day T. :)

  8. Aaaaaaawwwwwww! They're so tiny and adorable - I always go all mushy for kittens!


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