Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wanted to share

We had the most breathtaking sunset last night. Later more thunderstorms, some real boomers too. I love this time of year. I had to share this picture with everyone. This is just up the road from our house. We are kinda in a little valley so I drove out of the trees and up a bit to get this view. This is the wheat field I found Banshee in the other day. It isn't quite as brilliant as my original photograph. When I make a low resolution version for the web, it zapps some of the brilliancy. I zoomed in real close and I cannot explain what those little orb looking things are on the left side. Maybe they are my protective spirits around me and Asher. I do see them in some pictures but not all. They kinda defy gravity. Anyway, I like them. They bring a little mystery to the picture.


  1. That is awesome :) T.

    Hope all is well!

  2. Hey there Cool pic
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    I love your blog am following now.

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    1 name in the pot for following me and another if you post a comment!!!

    happy Blogging and creating

  3. Beautiful sunset, and photo. Thanks for sharing =)

  4. Wow that's so breathtaking!
    BTW, I've been following your story about Banshee- I hope she's doing better and not being too difficult in getting her "hair done" :)

  5. Amazing...and Magical.
    I love the spirits...they make me feel better.
    Kind of like we gentle people are not alone
    with the bullies, ya know?

  6. Wow this shot is amazing, the colors are so brilliant and beautiful! I know what you mean about the orbs, they show up in some of our shots too but not all. very strange but kind of cool. ;-)

  7. I just love everyone's comments. This truly was a magical moment as priti.lisa said, and then it was over in a matter of minutes! I'm so glad I took the time to go get the shot.

  8. Gorgeous photo! The composition of this photo is amazing, Jaime! :) Theresa

  9. Wow, this is an awesome shot ofa gorgeous sunset.

  10. Amazing colors, even with the low resolution. So glad you shared this very magical and mystical moment, Jaime!! Thanks!


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